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Bachelor Food

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Feel free to list your Bachelor, university survival plan, financial aid/time saving meals here:


I'll start:


Lazy man's chicken and dumplings:




1 - can of chicken noddle soup (or some other variation high to low end)

1 - chicken flavored hot-pocket, chicken-bake, or something similar

1/4 cup - milk/soy-milk/rice milk/ etc

handful - crackers

few dashes - spices (whatever you happen to have lying around) Left over pepper packets from carry-out/take-away places work great



Equipment needed:


Microwave (toaster over and regular over also work but take way longer)

stove top/range



good sized bowl.

can opener




1. open can of chicken type soup with can opener and dump contents into pot. Add spices. Follow cooking directions on can.

2. place pot on stove top and bring to a roaring boiling for 2 to 5 minutes

3. While soup is warming (who are we kidding, we're not cooking here) place hot pocket in microwave and heat according to directions

4. While hot pocket is being nuked add in 1/4 of milk or substitute to contents of the pot along with a hand full of your favorite crackers

5. Once hot pocket is fully cooked use knife to cut it into good sized pieces, then dump the remains into the pot still boiling on the range

6. Stir all content together for a good minute or two, then pour contents into a good sized bowl and enjoy.


Might not be too healthy, but it's quick and hearty.

Edited by reverie

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I haven't even named this one. It's just pasta-based stuff, as opposed to the rice-based stuff.




500 g of chili-flavoured tomato purée

1 small can of champignon mushrooms

1 can of white beans in tomato sauce

350-450 g of minced meat

400 g of macaroni

salt and spices



1. Boil 1-2 litres of water.

2. Once the water boils, toss in a bit of salt and the macaroni and start frying the meat in a big wok pan.

3. Add salt and spices to the meat while you are frying it to suit your tastes. I tend to use some cayene pepper and some pepper mix.

4. When the meat starts to turn brown, add the mushrooms, then shortly afterwards the beans & sauce and the tomato purée.

5. Mix the meat-tomatoe-mushroom sauce.

6. Once the macaroni is done, remove water from it (use a sieve or something) and dump it on the sauce, turn off the stove and mix.


Produces quite a few servings that heat well enough in the microwave oven. I eat it with ketchup but seems combining pasta and ketcup is sacriledge to some people. *shrug*

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Hmm, this one might seem a little elaborate, but:







Something to move stuff around in the pot






About 8-10 chunks of lamb whatever (cutlets, knee-things, rump steak, etc)

2 capcicums

6-8 tomatos

3ish large potatos (or more)

1 onion

Bit of garlic + misc spices

Mushrooms, whatever

1/2 cup wine viniger (more if you like sour stuff)

1 optional lemon if you REALLY like sour stuff



1) Cut potatos, tomatos and capcicums into chunks

2) Set up a fan to provide positive pressure isolation to your face

3) Peel and slice onion

4) Cook the meat

5) Toss in the potato, onion, garlic, cook

6) Add the rest of solids

7) Add the 1/2 cup wine viniger, close the pot

8) Stew for about 2 WoW original instance runs / 1 EQ instance run / 1 really long rambling post

9) Enjoy with your spork

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Poor Man's Pasta Dish


Pasta made from whatever you have on hand in your kitchen:


2 cup of elbow pasta your house-mate gave you before her trip to china

2 portions salt, 1 black pepper, 1 videlou seasoning, 1 cayenne spice

1 cup'ish olive oil

1 veggie patty that's been in your freezer for at least 6 months

1 generic small can of tuna

2 onces soy milk or various substitute

Ketchup lot's of ketchup


--Make 2/3 portions




stove top, colander, 2 pots, and small mixing bowl and serving bowl.






1. Fill first pot with water add a small amount of salt and bring to boil.

2. Dump in 2 cups pasta and stir occasionally.

3. Wait pasta is no longer sticky, then drain in colander and put aside.




1. Find one mixing bowl

2. pour olive oil into bowl

3. Add black pepper and equal portions cayenne and videlou spice

4. Open can of tuna, drain, and place contents in mixing bowl.

5. Place content in pot on stove and warm.

6. Add ketchup, lots of ketchup and bring to boil and stir occasionally

7. Add more salt and pepper

8. Add veggie patty and mix in once melted

9. Add in soy milk.

10. Take pot off the stove and pour over past

11. Serve and enjoy.





Not bad really. It's actually one of my better food experiments. I think it was a good call not to add flour, though I had to fight with my self not to do it.





Edited by reverie

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Heh, for bachelor chow, some of that stuff seems kinda complicated. I live fairly humbly myself. I live off my frying pan, a pot, a toaster oven and a George Foreman grill. (I highly recommend you get one if you like to BBQ, but live in an apartment, sans balcony, etc.) Well, I have a couple pots, but anyways. Here's a few quick things I usually make.


Pasta and tomato juice: (I usually use macaroni or spaghetti) The easiest food ever. Also, probably one of the cheapest. If I'm using macaroni, I grab enough to fill a medium-sized bowl, so about 3-4 handfuls. Spaghetti's a little harder to gauge, but usually a fistfull will do. Boil the noodles, then strain and put back in pot on low temp. while adding in tomato juice. I usually buy individual cans; one can is enough for one bowl for me. Heat for another couple minutes until tomato juice is hot, then serve. I usually add a lot of salt and pepper for flavour. Also, a decent poor man's mac and cheese can be made using cheeze whiz and butter. Sometimes (rarely) I'll even just put on a little bit of butter and salt and pepper in place of tomato juice.


Even easier is cheesetoast. I recently discovered the awesomeness of this sidedish, and I don't think I need to explain it, but basically I butter a slice of bread, cover it with my favourite cheese (shredded) and pop it in the toaster oven. Pure awesome.


Other than that, for people on a budget, I highly recommend fast-fry porkchops, and if you can spring the extra couple bucks, steaks. For chops, I'll usually add a few spices (seasoning salt, pepper) and soy sauce. For steaks, I usually stick 'em in a zip-loc bag for marinading with bbq sauce, soy sauce, syrup or honey, and a bit of rye if I have some lying around. Marinades are cool 'cause you can just mix random stuff together and see what happens. Finally, I recommend salmon steaks for the fish fans out there. They're usually pretty cheap, and easy to make. I wrap 'em in tin foil with various spices, butter and lemon slices and stick 'em in the oven for a while. Pretty tasty.

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The Really Poor Man's Salsa Pasta




1 box of any type of Noodle

1 bottle of spicy mustard

1 jar of salsa( bigger jars are better)




1 Place Noodles into a pot of boiling water (perferably without the box)

2 After the noodles are no longer crunchy (5-10 min) place in strainer and drain out all water

3 Fill pan with Spicy mustard and mix in the Noodles, Simmer

4 Add jar of salsa and simmer for about 1 min or until mixture is warm

5 Serve and pretend it is something else while you eat it



Came up with this recipe around 6 years ago when I only had those ingreadiants left and no money to buy real food.

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1 pack Beef Flavored Ramen.

Soy Sauce.



Prepare the Ramen as you normally would, flavor, and then add Soy Sauce for extra chinese-flavor.

Goes great with a good glass of Kool Aid.


That's my typical bachelor chow meal, outside of work.

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Yeah, I'm finally getting to point where my system can't tolerate Ramen anymore. Even the good Thai or Korean Ramen makes me a little queasy now-a-days.


My house mate's solution for making Ramen more nutritious:


1. Cook Ramen in on store top or range like you normally world, but add in another cup of water

2. Add a bag of fresh green beans

3. Season


Serve and enjoy.




Alternately, I've found a good healthy snack solution:


Italian Butter and Bread.


1. Pour a few onces of olive oil in bowl

2. Crack fresh ground pepper into bowl (Pre-ground works too and is cheaper, but doesn't taste as good)

3. Dip thick slices / portion of bread into bowl and enjoy

----The thicker the bread and or coarser the grain, the better (Whole grain, if you can afford it). But within reason. Another house mate let me try some of his Russian Bread and it was like eating straight molasses. Ick.


Goes great by itself, as an appetizer, or a side dish.

Edited by reverie

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Macaroni & Meat Casserole


4 eggs

5 dl milk

300g of macaroni

400g of minced meat

1 onion



150g crumbled blue cheese

100-200g of bacon

cooking oil or butter


1. Cook the macaroni.

2. Chop the onion into lil bits.

3. Put some oil and the onion on a pan, cook until they are a bit translucent.

4. Add the minced meat, add a lot of black pepper and some salt, cook until the meat is well done.

5. Put the meat & onion mix, the cooked macaroni and the crumbled blue cheese into a casserole pan, mix carefully.

6. Mix the eggs and the milk completely together with a whisk.

7. Pour the egg-milk into the casserole pan.

8. Make a crust out of uncooked bacon.

9. Put the casserole into 200 C oven for 40-60 min.

10. Enjoy!


You can leave out the bacon and/or the blue cheese if you want, but then you might need to spice the food up with some other way. Also if you want your bacon crust a bit less crispy, you can make the crust after the casserole has been in the oven for 20 min, then put it back afterwards for 20-40 min more. Other changes you can do is adding another onion, making the crust out of grated cheese instead of bacon etc.

Edited by Zadown

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O.K., you guys are rich bachelors.


Try this:


1. Save enough money for a loaf of bread (day old or .59 cent store brand works).

2. Buy said loaf.

3. Go to local 7-11 and pocket:

A. Handful of salt packets

B. Handful of pepper packets

C. Handful of ketchup packets

D. Handful of mustard packets


Mix ingredients A through D and spread on slices of bread.

Toast in oven.



For a while, Ramen was a luxury for Snypiuer (A pack of ramen feeds you for a day, a loaf of toasted bread w/ketchup-mustard mix feeds you for a week).


One that's a little better:


!. Bag large shell macaroni

2. Large can tomato sauce

3. Grated cheese (I prefer Colby-Jack)

4. Seasonings: Salt, Pepper, Cumin, Italian seasoning mix


Boil shells to desired firmness (I boil for about 12 min.)


Mix in Sauce and cheese (or sprinkle cheese on top when serving - your choice).

Add seasoning to taste.

I also add a little lemon juice and garlic (But that's me).


If you have the money, cook up some ground beef and add to mix.


If any left, mix in a little olive oil and bake the leftovers the next day.

Edited by Snypiuer

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let's see. although I was never a bachelor, being female, I did live alone for a decent while and was very lazy since it sucks cooking for one.


some of the things I did:


pizza bagels


1 bag of bagels

tomato sauce




(or whatever you like on your pizza)


cut bagels open, spread with sauce, toss on toppings, bake. I would make six bagels worth, or 12 pizzas, and eat them for every meal until I ran out.


poor man's beef stroganoff


ground meat

condensed mushroom soup


egg noodles


brown meat, boil noodles, thaw veggies if frozen, combine and eat. reheats great. If you make it with tuna instead, use macaronis and bake it with cheese on top.


a little more work than some of the above, and a little more expensive than others, but actually edible. ;o)

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Refried beans and oatmeal


this meal was free for me. Hikers gave me the ingreadiants because they were carrying too much.


-plain oatmeal

-dehydrated refried beans

-several packets of splenda


Boil water, add desired amount of oatmeal then dehydrated refried beans. Stir until thickened then add splenda for flavoring.


Raman and Mac and cheese


-1 box of mac and cheese

-1 thing of raman noodles (do not use shrimp flavor)


Boil raman and mac n' cheese noodles together. Add raman flavor and cheese mix together. Wait for it to thicken.



The blah mix


-16 oz of water


-brown sugar


add ingrediants together and stir. Drink mixture



just to let you know most of these ingrediants I got for free at various hiker boxes

Edited by Racouol

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