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Lady Celes Crusader

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(pardone the translation. Others tried to help as best they could, but I only speak American English, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, Cobol, and other non-spoken languages!)



Il y a un sourire gentil seulement pour ses chats;

(Ou ses enfants à fourrure, comme elle les voient.)

Il y a un élégance et une grâce dans tout ses mots et gestes;

(Mais soit prudent de la foudre dans ses yeux enflammés!)

Il y a un cœur qui aime pour servir le communauté;

(Ceux avec des titres doit prendre garde, elle fait ce qui est juste).

Il y a un humour gentil dans sa voix;

(Ses rires n'ont pas du haine, et sont jamais méchant.)

Il y a une Femme du Manoir des Langues.

Il y a un beauté terrible, comme un épée lever.

Il y a le main guérissant d'une mère.

Soit mon Valentine,

Madame Celes Crusador.



Edit: It was suggested I put in English what I was *trying* to say. :) so here that is.

In any language, Happy Valentine's Day, M'lady.


There is a gentle smile given only to her cats;

(Or her children with furry forms as she sees them.)

There is an elegance and grace in every word and gesture;

(But beware the lightning of her angry eyes!)

There is a loving heart to serve the community;

(Beware you with titles, for she serves what is right.)

There is a sweet humor behind her speech;

(Her laughter is never mean or hiding hatred.)

There is a Lady of the Manor of Tongues.

There is a terrible beauty like a drawn sword.

There is the healing hand of a mother.

Be thou my Valentine,

Lady Celes Crusader.

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Makes me think about trying to find the time to try learning another language.


Then again maybe I should work in mastering "English" a bit more fully first :)

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