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*note: found so old OLD! archemage stuff from some guild boards I used to play around in... Taking a page from Big P and archieving them.


~~~White Tower Guild Board Blitz two server archemage~~~


Krish = Groenj.


hiya, i know i'm new here... well kinda... used to be a UE diplomant to this guild way back in the day, but that predates krish and is besides the point and besides kabby did most the work anyhow...

well, i just like to comment that speaking as an orignal UE councilmember and young up-start white towerian(don't think i ever got a designater... but fyi, i was an ashamann in the orignal short lived black tower in b2's first reset... not that it matters.., just thought i'd thrown that out) **clears throat** anyway and speaking as the dreamlost and as sm-quest from the arena V tourney... (don't all these labels sound silly, i came from this and represent that... blah blah, yada, yada, whatever.... names sean, nice to meet ya...oh am fine, thanx for asking, how are you?) Ahem,anyway i just like to say, that you're all being very silly... yep, yep... come on ppl, group hug... your all starting to act like UE when gummy was in it... *shudders* now nobody want's that...


anyway everyone knows groenj has is the leader, and always has been... oh kimi won't admit it, but the master of novices has been guilding force in tower for a long, long time... krish is just a flunky, a puppet if you will... Consider if you will, what must leaders have to go thru... If you assume a position of power, ppl will follow... why, cause some ppl will always follow, is just a fact of life, unfortunately those same ppl will prolly grow envious and hateful of the leader and in time, will soon not trust said leader (groenj), So in not being trustful of the top dog(scary groenj), they lie to him, or exagerate half truths to influence him or her to their benifit, thus you get a confused leader...(poor groenj) eventually they may even try to overthrow and assainate the evil tyrant (run groenj, run!) So what's an evil genius (smart groenj, heavy deluded but smart) to do... why create a figure head to take the heat of course... That's right, krish doesn't really exist at all. He never did, he's just a figment of groenj's twisted imagination... Yep, groej has got you all snowed... He just pick up a dutch to indian dictionary and pick names at random till something sounded right. And it was working beautifully, till now that is... i'm blowing the whistle on this faund called krish...what? don't belive me... check the ips, it all lines up... Krish in nothing more than a make-believe character, i tell you...created to take all the heat off of groenj, so he (laughing groenj) can just sit back in the shadows and observe how ya'll really act when krish not around... cagey isn't it...


um yeah, well, that was silly, am tired... think i go to bed...

btw it's all a lie... well part of it at least... all hail groenj essence of krish, omin-potent leader to the White tower, heh j/k krish and groenj... oh btw for all ya'll that don't know, groenj is a guy, yeah i know, i went around thinking he was a she for like a whole year... the same thing goes for rain_song of ifp... not that it matters... i just thought some of you had a right to know... ;) **big wink big**


okay will shut up now... off to bed...

take ez tower...

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…written in camp carrol, after helping some corporal break open his wall locker…


Lost Keys…


Hardened Steel holds strong, while the softer brass gives way.

Defeated the war torn lock reluctantly surrenders, recalling the long fight that had


Wedged up against the locker door, pliers in a death grip around the base,

The enemy struggles with the screwdriver treaded through it’s main steal arch.

Made from the combination of metals: brass and steel.

The lock thought itself impenetrable.

Then a foot pressed down on the screwdriver where the hands had failed.

The metal starts to flex with the efforts, and all but the one lone warrior leading the attack

flee around the corner, safe under cover.

The mangle brass smugly beams, surely his effort will fail.

Had it not it withstood the punishments of the others.

Had not the proudly won scars from earlier battles proved this?

The deep cuts and gorges delt by the hammer and horseshoe had been in vain.

The lock was not breached and the enemy was left to curse in frustration

And then it happened.

With one final push the enemy rallied,

Shocked, the locks defenses were broken.

Sighing, the shame-faced lock was brought to it’s knees- it’s neck broken.

Once regarded as guardian to Wall Locker, the spoiled lock becomes a trophy for the


Victors who now run pillaging and ran-sacking the once hollowed walls.

Holding their spoils aloof in the air they withdraw

Reveling in their hard won bounty of alcohol.

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hey signe and co... was just passing through i happened to notice your chocolate fixation and what not... hmmm, ya know chocolate can make you feel like your in love... or for the unromantic in the room, send you off into a earthshattering orgasm... well so i'm told... only problem is it would take about 10 pounds or so of the stuff in one super concentrated sitting... some would prolly argue that the horrendous belly ache you would get from this is well worth it... well i'm not buying it... The amount of celery and lettuce alone that you'd have to eat to counter-act that suicidal low caused by that golden, mindnumbing, cosmic "Carolyn don't go into the light" sugar rush is just not worth it... sure,i know, it's easy to fall prey to the temptation of buying a ton Hershey's finest. It's so much easier than the effort involved in laying the ground work a long supportive and equaling fulfilling relationship... hell it may even be easier than getting totally blitz and hooking with whatever's still standing or staggering around at 4am on the dance floor, or more to the point willing to hook up with you 'cause we all know that the ancient proverb holds true "in the dark no one is ugly" and in your alcohol induced haze you may do something you'd regret or rather with someone you really really really regret... so yes it is easy to slip beneath the chocolate haze. But is it really worth it? Do you really want to end up a strung out cocoa fiend... living alone wondering alone... always alone chasing that mythically fragment of the great chocolate dragon... riding the perpetual snake of excess and pseudo-bliss as you waist line grows wider and heavier with every all inclusive must-need-get fix...


**Whammmmm** heh, sorry about that i do tend to go on sometimes... anyway to sum up... chocolates not all it's cracked up to be... it's a tragically flawed treat and is sadly the source of much heartache in this world(heh, didn't even mention the whole dentist/cavity conspercy profiting off the misery of our youth... but that's another rant... i leave that for someone else with more skill... **eyes joat**) yeah... wow, i just wrote a rant... haven't done that in ages... **sniff** didn't know i still had it in me...

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~~let's see, I must have wrote this for the UBB Baquet Hall board in Archmage... Doesn't look like it ever got finished though... silly really, since I rarely went on the UBB... Oh now I remember, I never finished this 'cause it sux.

(an early attempt at something that never really got going….)


The joy that buffy brings…

A dreamlost production… “no, I don’t have any more medical type”

Brought to by Emergency rooms around the world

:censored: , those kid made off with our last role… well, fred, atleast

they didn’take all our rubber gloves this time…”

Funded in part by a grant from the S.P.A.M. and T Fondation…

(Stress-out Posters for the Advancement of Medical Tape ) “Stiches

be :censored: ! Medical type it!”

Dedicated to the memory of all those lost in the late great canooke

wars… “alas if only the medical tape had gotten through, thosands

could have been saved…”

Inspired by the infinity blue achive(no really, with not so much as even

a mention of medical tape… sorry salt…)

Apologies to all those assocated with vh1, ascostic vaudville, and

buffy the vampire slayer… “Medical tape or Satire, one should not

have to make such grave descions in life”






Not so long ago, in a hall, not unlike this one, drewled many a great ranter and ramblar… Their names matter little, as few would remember them. However, in times not too far gone, their presence could electrify all of terra with the infectous insantity that ruled of the blitz 2 banquet hall… Though a few may lurk about, still peeking out of the occasional shadow, heaven and hell hath the majority of them, respectively of course… In the end they proved not nearly as long lived as the great story tellers on the s1 and s2 servers… Nor as vehnement in their zeal as the lengendary demigods of the b1 hall and they soon succumed to torrent of the unending bile sent forth by the evil spammers…average age ranging from 13 to 16 from cananda of all places(go figure)… (**glares, don’t even trying to hide you know who you are**) well for the most part they quit… I hear fur’s still tilting at windmills sort of speak… misunderstood as ever… patients is a virture people, and believe you me, it’s takes one… heh, oh well it’s not important… But for a time, they had they’re charm… In a somewhat misguilded ego trip, heh, I mean tribute to the lost rants I’m goining … oh who am, I kidding… no one cares…




**enters castle, the happy go lucky heh, castle, brought to life by the dreamlost in a misguilded attempt to cash in some much needed vacation time in hell… While the went dreamlost was louging in a pool of oh-so-soothing lava… Castle took charge of the dreamlost countries and provinces in b1… This proved to be a fatal error for the dreamlost as castle turned out to be the worst steward imaganable. Who ever would of thought a castle could mess things up so much, in so little time… Holding true to his inanimate roots… roots? Um fondation, well whatever… concepts such as food, rest or even the need for good clean water never enter forvever poinging structures mind, oh yeah that’s a stretch…, Anyway the dreamlost villas and estate(habla espona?) were soon laid waste in ruin, and the dreamlost was then forced to cut short his much needed vacation in hell to see to his newly ruined lands… Well to sum up… he never trusted castle again with such a great duty, and left the not so happy go lucky anymore structure in a lonely hold to puzzle out the joys of wish… “That should keep busy,” he mutter… Anyway the dreamlost then found a more trusting steward in that of a dashing, and brave lad called clumsy-smurf… But he too proved to me a liabilty, when after taking up with the wrong crowd he soon became addicted to grand high archmage tourneys. And soon after commited suicide… but that’s another story for another time… And don’t even get me started on SM-quest… Oh well, but as I was saying here enters castle… the happy go lucky poinging telepathic pile of rubble… personally folks I think revs just hallcinating… I’ve never seen that castle poing once… I think it best that we just play along now, and no one gets hurt… sounds fair? Or at least safe? Okay then lets…**



oh shut up castle no one asked you… *Poing, bonce, poing* I said shut up… I don’t know why you came out here anyway… No one rememebers you either, so just got back to b1 with my wish list like a good piece of masonry… Stupid stone, I curse the day I gave you leggs to stand on and wings to fly… **Hop?poing?hop?** What? Oh I know you don’t have legs or wings I was just being metaphorical… now go back to be b1 and leave me alone, I’m in the middle of a comentary… Now where was i… oh i don’t remember… jeez, this forwards getting long… think I should trim it down some… **note to self, forward way tooo long, edit out half at earliest convenience, don’t forget** Oh heck, ill just start the ramble… so without further ado:


The Joy Buffy brings




(and well it never was written… to tell the truth I can’t really remember where I was going with this… something to do with a spoof of parady of a VHI behind the music for aimee mann someone wrote… oh well… I just keep it around ‘cause I lost all my other early writings dealing with castle… )

Edited by reverie

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hmm, best guess, written after the 2000 U.S. election. Looks like UBB material in responce to a long, long ongoing debate / rant...though have no way to tell now.


Warning highly polictical biased opinions in this... Statements are over 5 years old; no debates please.



**warning** all opinion expressed are that of the author and no way shape or form expressed or implied represent thoses of the U.S. Gov't, army or any other gov't sponcerned agency... (heh, sorry first rule in all things... "cover you :censored: ")


hmmm, nice debate... scatter about as it is... just got referred back to old board by another post and this one caught my attention too for some reason... here's a comment or two...


to the AoH kid with the bad grades:


well said. not that i fully agree with you, but all and all it was well said. the alliance of honor really is a nice crew though, oh sure they're alittle fanatical. but they make good conversation. Rules and morals are nice to have, but they do tend to follow them to a fault. I've considered myself an even handed mage, and prided myself on being fair and what not. Basically i follow my own code allowing for lots of leeway and what not, after doing a tempory tour in one of their sub-guilds a while back i was hard press to follow all there regulations and the like. Hmm, too open minded i guess... that or not being told what to do... oh well, had a lot of fun in irc though... **shakes his head** they never did seem to understand the difference btw bending and breaking rules either...


to all the talk on the election in american type crowd:


$%&@ happens... in this case we got stuck with bush... not that gore was that better of an alternative. Out of disgust for those two i actually started listening to nadar... ya know, he really gives one heck of a speech. not sure if he has someone else write for him like everyone else, but i liked them... really, oh, except for all that stuff about cutting the military down to nothing and pulling out of korea and europe (sure sounds good on paper, but it'd end up starting lots and lots of wars, kinda a sensitive subject for me, being in the army in all... [come to think of it, with the republicans in coming back into power, i'll prolly end up in another war{declared or undeclared} as it is so what was i worrying about anyway]) Oh, anyway if nadar did have a speech writing team, i think they should all be elected president. all however-many-of-them their are, even the goth...


**sighs** bush does cause a bit of turmoil in me though... sure, i get a big payraise with him coming in...(G.O.P. sure does love their big toys don't they) but, i just don't trust the guy... i mean he get's to pick the supreme court ppl... that some frightening power, ya know... the high court needs to be kept liberal to balance the conservitives in congress... I means those justices are really getting old... if they don't come up with a plan to keep them happy and healthy, 2 or 3 will end up dying on us even or retiring... then big ole' GW get's to throw more conservatives in there... (sure some ppl put in there were thought to be super conservative and ended up crossing over, but why take chances?) is not a good thing... balance must be maintained... cause to have all three branches in one party's view point... is like way too much power and influence... esp. with the divided nation we have... hmm, i predict, (more like a given really) the congress will go to the left in elections in the next two years to help regain some the balance... is not as good as having the courts stopping power, but i suppose the stopping power won't be as needed if the extreme laws can't get written... plus the justices will get the chance to cool some of the more radical liberal laws for a change... and what of the extreme laws already written that need challenging... hmm, it will be interesting to see what kind of america forms from that...


to all the ppl going off topic:


way to go, tangents rule...



to the ppl talking about % n'such in voting:


um, i don't know... is sad really... best thing i know to do is start at the local lvl... like volenteering in the communaties, get to know you neighbors, actually reading the "A" section of your local paper in such, that kinda stuff... bah, but who has the time...(senior citizens and rich ppl do, and how) i know i didn't vote either... felt bad about it, cause i really wanted too... but i had a state tax issue thingy, and i didn't wanna have to pay 3 years back taxing n'such... sure i could have got an absentee ballot in my other state, well i could have if i had ever bother to read the texas laws on absentee ballots, so i forgot to registerd in a county of texas as a regular voter, (was stationed there for a bit so what i'm not from there, why would i vote on local issues?) and there was no way i was going to drive 17hrs just to meet the deadline... so i sat this election out... voted in the last one though, yep ya'll can both thank me or hate me for helping clinton... felt good about that one... too bad he can't pull another roosevelt and serve a third term, that would rule... got to admire a man that won't break under pressure, no matter how dead wrong he is...

um... yeah that's all i got... take care all..



the dreamlost(retired)

Edited by reverie

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hmm, farely recent IRC #thepen improv: (yeah, i still do those...though rarely)


So anyway, there was the trees standing out on the corner of 5th and main... oh about 50 feet tall I'd say. And upon first glance I'd say it have to be an chestnut... but then againt that'd be rather strange, being the chestnut was vitually wipe out by the blight of the early 20th century... ah, so on second thought I decide, that it is a chestnut and i've just stumbled through a vitural time tunnel, that send be back a good 60 to 100 years or so

* SB` has quit IRC (Ping timeout for SB`[d8-207.rb.lax.centurytel.net] )

<revery> ...but running into a nearly fully grown chest nut tree in a city seemed even stranger than the whole misplace revery in time thing... so i decide that i'm not only lost in time, but also in space...i.e alternate dimension type thing... not hear's the thing. do I try to get back to my own time/space/reality... where people die unspeakable and horrible deaths everyday for things as trivial as a safty pen...or do I stay here. in a world I know

<revery> absolutely nothing about... say for it is glorious enough to still have chestnut trees...and in a city to boot.... aw... utopia at last... well that is, until I realise the the tree was just some new piece of artwork the city had sponcered... Great craftmenship, I tell ya... it had me fooled... oh well, utopia will just have to wait I guess... back the grind

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