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"Love Letters"

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Ya know, I always have a feeling like a student sitting at the feet of a Sensei when I read what you write. And having met you and looked in your eyes, I know that writing is one of your lesser talents, for your are is ever better. Not only are you an artist with Pen and pencil, you’re compassionate yet passionate, honest without hesitation, and you’re the reason I played Everquest as long as I did. I consider it an honor to be in a writing organization with you. If people don’t understand you, it’s because they aren’t reaching highly enough, or deeply enough. You have my prayers for a healing and long future with Starlight.




Master of the Frying Pans, owner of deep pockets. On the AMUBB, I would eagerly look for your RP posts. I love how you express your sense of humor.



Rahash Geldich,

You haven’t written much lately, which is a shame, because you’re talented. You’re feedback was thoughtful, insightful, and sparingly given. I hope life frees you to return to us more often.




Hee hee, my Elder at the Pen. * snicker * You really have so much life experience, love, and wisdom to share with us here. Thank you for coming to the Pen. I know you didn’t consider yourself a writer, but you do a really good job. And when you open your heart, as you do, admitting to having a temper but having learned to control it, things like that, you give hope to those of us following you who have flaws as well. Thank you friend.




You blow my mind. You’re so good at the free-style poetry, braving splashing far from shore when I’m afraid to leave the beach. And your feedback somehow expresses the beauty and structure of the unstructured. I love reading your works because you do what I don’t so well.




Your name fits you well. Your works are a concert of individual posts that weave a theme of overall beauty. Plus you let me rearrange your name in a silly way and didn’t bust me out. Heh.




I miss you, but I’m so proud of you giving up your fears and plunging into a new life. Choosing the hell we know over the terrors of how much worse it can be is such an easy trap. You chose to leap and it looks like you’ve hit the ground running!

But most of all, thank you for the Pen. This website you gave me for Christmas, so that I could have a better way to be with my online family, still rates as one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.




What public praises can I give you that you haven’t already received elsewhere? You’ve stepped up with energy and creativity to the Guild Leadership and have done your best to organize things. Madame Quixotic has left her lasting impression and your dates with Gyrfalcon are a Romanticist dream. Thank you for your public and private support.



Shadow of the Butterfly,

Every time I see you Pen name, I think of the pretty butterfly over the woman’s mouth on the cover of the book Silence of the Lambs. This is an eerie mind picture to carry when it is placed in juxtaposition with your writings, which aren’t terrifying at all, but rather always a beneficial read.




Sent you a private PM, but publicly I wish to acknowledge that you shortbread cookies are really good and well-received. I hope your future with Candarius works out as you both want it to go. Thank you for spending the literally hundreds of hours with me in chat when I had to back up all my servers manually. About the 30th hour, it was your conversation which helped me to stay awake through the 40th hours when the weekend backups completed. Oh, and thank you for letting me “borrow” Signe for my Kissing Booth thread.




A Bard of Terra lost and always well worth reading. One thing about the good ones is that they aren’t in fear of losing a reputation but constantly push themselves and risk failure. I think that I respect that about you most; you still post and try new things. Too many people hold onto the glories of the past instead of continuing to grow. Good job.



Soaring Icarus,

I miss you since you went to college. Remember, you still have a character in my FARS world, so you have to come back and visit at some point! Your poetry has an intellectual zing that leaves me wishing I could see more. Hint hint.



Solivaqus (Richard),

You really are too too hard on yourself. I’m glad you’re starting to post more again, and doubly glad you’re testing the “good guy” waters. You’re a solid consistent Role-Player with a nice feel for nuance and plot. Besides, I appreciate the talks we’ve had in IRC.




Not only I miss you, but many do. I hope you return soon. You had a certain magic sparkle around your writing that encouraged others to dare to try too.




We’ve come a long ways together. Remember to make life say “no” to you, don’t do it to yourself. And don’t be afraid to risk being hurt – it’s the only way to risk being loved.




I’m sure glad that you moved your casket from Archmage to follow us here. You’re good player, but a better writer. I like the way you’ve developed the logic of vampires through your writing, showing instead of describing.




You joined less than a year ago, and are already a member Poet. Like Ayshela, you’re one of those who sees responsibilities and without public fanfare just sets about making life better for everyone. Plus you’re one of the great Real Life heroes, a teacher. You amaze me, warm me with your trust, and were a great date. Believe in yourself! Some of us in life will love you whether you do anything or not, so don’t be afraid to just rest and be appreciated.



Tasslehoff AngelXIIX,

First of all, thank you for choosing to serve your country militarily. Whether or not the leadership’s policies are right or wrong, it the patriots who give up their freedoms to attempt to keep others free deserve respect from me. That said, I miss your Kender fun, your penguin madness, and your friendship.




Honey, you always have a place in my heart, if no where else. Thank you for having the bravery enough to post the issues of your life and in doing so find out that you aren’t alone, and need not be ashamed. Remember to breathe while you endure.



The Big Pointy One (Mr. Bunny, et al),

BPO, it’s pretty amazing when one of your cast of characters around the main one (Mr. Bunny) becomes a Bard of Terra Lost and you don’t. I love your Role Playing, your characters, your support, and your friendship. I guess it would be hard to state it better than the Bard himself.


-Peredhil, a member of the Mr. Bunny Fan Club


The Portrait of Zool,

Brother, you and Ozymandias are the reason I posted on the AM UBB. You are the reason I dared post my writings and poetry, believing in my when no one else did. You are the reason I’m a Bard of Terra Lost. Boy, have YOU got a lot for which to answer! :P The period when, as fellow Seekers of truth, you and I had time to share writings, hearts, and lives still are a warm memory. If I ever publish William, you’ll be one of the two to whom it is dedicated. You are the Saint I named you on the List. Master of the flush post and one of the most encouraging men I know.




We’ve lost to you heavy class loads and your constant seeking of perfection. But we’re all waiting for you to come back and finish Gifts of Fear. I’d have to PM you the rest. :P *GLOMP!*



Troubled Sleep,

You really should post enough to get yourself promoted. You demonstrate all the characteristics that make up a full Member of the Pen, it’s just a matter of jumping through the hoops. I particularly like your short stories… perhaps a Troubadour?




Our Official Non-Member. I don’t think I’m going to get all sloppy and emotional about friendship and love with you, because you are one of the two most rational people I know. That I approve of a heart you’ve won should say it all.



Valdar and Astralis,

\\\O^O/// Not only are you an amazing writer, to be able to keep up with Zadown, but you were and are a better friend in Everquest than 98% of the Guild to which I belonged. Despite being busy with grouping and monster hunting, you always had time for a quick “hello” if nothing else. In that obsessive game, that turned out to be very rare. I love your ear katas.




From the Crossing to your Journal, you have given me many enjoyable reads. Oh, and your poems are too rarely posted. Your eagerness to meet other Pennites when you signed up for the Writing Exchange was wonderfully refreshing. Don’t lose your joy in people or life. And thank you for forcing Richard to post.




A page in, what?, two months? The snow in the Courtyard was great fun, and you’re participation in all the Carnival events has been well done. You work well with others – I see a deep background in good Fantasy Role Playing Games in Real Life leaking through. I’m looking forward to seeing where you are, Pen-wise, in a year.



Vincent Silver,

Your spelling is still terrible, but your works are so well done that they shine through that anyway. Dude, use a spell checker after you write your inspirations and you’ll silence any possible criticism except suggestions on how to grow. :P * hugs*




Another of my vampiric friends. I hope you don’t mind too much, but I stole you for my FARS world under a different name. I only steal from the best, so I’ll let that speak for itself.




PMed, but thank you for the time, support, and sipping tea patiently while I bounced off walls.




It seems shocking to me that you’ve been here long enough to graduate already. I’ll always treasure the look on your face when I first met you on the Metro and gave you a big hug – I’d warned you! :P Your energy, your creativity, your Role Playing skills, all these have been mentioned over and over elsewhere. What seems to be missed is that you have a passionate soul and a gentle heart, and make a really really good friend.




I refuse to give up on you, even when you give up on yourself. Give up bitterness and defeat, and embrace whatever in life you can. It’s better to feel fully than to hide talents like yours.




Master of time and steel-toed boots. You’ve had endless energy and have shown a lot of growth since you first showed up. You’re maturing into quite the Role-Player. A pleasure to read. I imagine I’ll be bidding against you as one of the competition for Ayshela on the Bachelorette auction.




I wish you’d come back. Your writing was so well crafted. Miss you.




Writer, Artist, Poet, Officer, Organizer, the list just goes on and on. The world of Two-skies attracted some of the best writers around, and helped them grow like no where else, and was so good that at one point we considered merging. Without you, I’m not sure the Pen would be what it is today; I know that Darkness Rising, which I consider to be my best co-written piece, wouldn’t have been completed. When others falter and grow exhausted, it’s you and Wyvern who carry us all until we recover. Congratulations on life with Aegon, may your dreams come true.



The first Bard of the Pen ever. Your writing doesn’t fit in any scale I have. Like Tolkein or Tolstoy, it just is, incomparable. I wish I could write like you, see through the eyes of your creativity. Thank you for the times you’ve given me the honor of seeing your works before others. But most of all, as moody and changeable as you rate yourself, thank you for being my constant friend.




You give the best gifts. The best gift you’ve given was bringing my son’s heart back to life. Thank you. Call me Dad.


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And now having zipped through the alphabet, missing some who should be here (DL Snake), and not being able to express what I feel about some (Vigil, the other Rational man, and someone for whom I've grown to have friendship and great respect ), I've come to a conclusion.


The English language, and particularly the American culture's dialect, lacks words for all the shades of love.

The love of a parent for child, and child for parent. Of a student toward teacher, but the different shading of the ego investment which modifies the love back toward the pupil.

The hundred blends of friendship and respect and companionship that determine the love of friendship.

How do I express the love I have for Kenn, even as I'm very very wary of his need to protect himself behind the Kendricke avatar.

How do I express the love and awe I have of a Geldrinhor?

There is love of God and God's love for us in myriad rainbow colors resonating through people toward each other, how do I express that?


And how do I speak to the deeper issues of hearts that I've learned, the things people cover up because they could hurt if a careless or non-understanding remark were made? Such things shackled my tongue here, leaving left-overs for me to feel safe in posting, lest I reveal something personal to another.


I did many posts, all far too short, all far short of what I really feel.


Thank you for the chance to give a recognition to a few of you. If you weren't listed, it wasn't I was ignoring you or unfeeling, it's prolly because either you weren't a member (I skipped the Honored Guests), or because I was at a loss for words to express..


Heh, all those hugs have made me squishy and embarassing to be around in some ways, but I consider the Pen my online family, which includes the concepts:

"You can pick friends, you're stuck with family" or even better from Disney's Lilo and Stitch,

"Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind."

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If I ever gave you advice that was helpful, I’m shocked! You are such a fun-spirited person with a good heart. I am honored that from time to time you feel I am someone you can talk to. I enjoy those moments and love the fact that we’ve developed a friendship that is still there even after gaps of silence-A friendship that doesn’t need constant watering to grow. I also really enjoy the character of Annael. I find her refreshing and unique!


Cryptomancer, Gryphon and Mynx~


I am so glad you three ventured to The Pen. I really appreciated the opportunity I had to step into your imaginations with you for a short time. You each bring a unique touch to The Pen as well as a collective touch through your awesome bonds of friendship. You also bring a nice sense of humor that is always appreciated! I’m glad to know you!




The thing I like most about you is that you sincerely care about The Pen and the people here. You have an honest and true desire to help make everyone feel welcome. I also like your ability to weigh various situations impartially. It’s a hard thing to do! I’m glad we’re friends, Emminozy!


Peredhil, Master P~


You seem to be the unofficial Pen Therapist! How did that happen? Probably because of the kindness and caring spirit that just seems to radiate from you. Like Ozy, one of my favorite attributes about you is your sincere care and concern for other people. For me it is refreshing to know someone who has like-minded values. It’s easy to feel like the crazy girl who actually prays! *grins* Thank you for all you do.




I can always count on you to be in Mirc when I want someone fun to chat with. I really like your sense of humor (even though you made me quit saying “ZADOWN GET DOWN GET FUNKY!”) You and your English dictionaries interpreting the meaning of funky wrong! *grins* The best thing I could tell you here is that I really enjoy your company and you’re a great writer. :0)




Spoony Bard, Elder of Lists, My most common writing partner and Ranger of Salinye’s heart- How could I forget you? I couldn’t. The thing I appreciate about you above everything (and you have a lot of great qualities) is that you have become enough of a friend and are safe enough that I can write freely with you. For me adding a full scope of emotion to a character adds much depth to my writing and I appreciate that our friendship has enabled me to give that depth to my Salinye stories. It’s funny, we don’t agree on so many things irl (politics, religion, etc) but none of that matters. Our friendship is fun and strong and you are appreciated.




AKA My partner in crime. You and Aegon are such wonderful people. I really enjoy all of our talks and silliness in mirc. You are a very talented person in multiple ways. I truly cherish the picture you did of Salinye. It’s a priceless gift to me! I really hope we get to meet someday, I think we would really hit it off. Thank you for your friendship and for all you do for The Pen.




Always there for a good laugh, but also for a listening ear. You are so devoted to The Pen and bring an element here that not only has become a cherished part of The Pen, but has become a pillar. Without Wyvern, part of The Pen would collapse. (Probably because that pillar was bought from Almost Dragonic Inc, but that’s besides the point.) I really enjoy you and your writing. You have shown you can write slapstick as well as serious material. I also love the passion you have for music. I’m glad to know you, Wyvie!




~Master Poet~


You know, there is just something I like about you. Not sure I can entirely pin it down. You have a really sincere personality. I think maybe you might be shy, but like the fact that we’ve developed enough of a friendship to speak freely with each other. We’ve had some really fun talks. You’re very intelligent. I also really love your poetry and have really enjoyed the times we have gotten to write together. Thanks for being perfectly Mira!




~The Tamned!~


I am SO glad you have become co-guild leader with me. YOU are a complete and total Whack job. No doubt about it! That’s what I like about you best! You are intelligent and funny and creative! You have unique characters and ideas that I find incredibly refreshing! I enjoy our talks on messenger and look forward to future AVV stuff.




Tam’s better half! According to Tam, if you and I ever got together in person we might *actually* succeed in taking over the world. Scary thought, eh? I am so glad you are here at The Pen and are one of the guild leaders. You are so fun and have such good ideas. I also like your secret evil writing plans mwahahahah….(left a hook of an ending!)


I have more to write but am out of time, I'll add more later. :0)


~Salinye :fairy:

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Wyvern –


More then any other thing I admire about you at the Pen is your endless creativity. The Elder of Initiates, each and every response you’ve written to applicants for the years I’ve been at the Pen has been creative and almost always funny, even as we groan at Wyvern’s unending sales pitches and misadventures. That brings me to the next thing I admire about you – your sense of humor. Every time I read something that involves Wyvern, a smile grows on my face as I read of your antics. Finally, I admire your drive. You successfully shepherded an epic like the Gaze of Eternity for almost three years, no small feat in bringing the story through so much. Thank you my friend, it’s been an honor knowing and writing with you for so long, may we continue that tradition.


Yui-chan –


What I admire most about you is your near-limitless talent. You are both an excellent writer and an excellent artist, and I admire that you have so many paths in which to develop your creative skills. As much, I admire your creativity, I also admire your dedication to the Pen and your ready ear. You’ve been a good friend, Yui-chan, and while we haven’t been able to talk for the past few weeks, you’ll always remain a good friend.


Salinye –


Yes you, you salaciously silly Salinye you. =D What I admire most about you is your drive. With so much you do in Real Life – between commitments to your church, your family, and projects with friends, is that you still have a little bit of time for all of us here at the Pen. I’d go crazy trying to do half of what you do, and while I don’t claim you’re entirely sane, ;) I can’t help but stand in awe of how much you are able to accomplish with your time. I truly hope that your pregnancy goes well, and if your children are blessed with a tenth of your creativity, drive, and skill, they’ll do very well in life.


Boaz, Joat, Shurak, Lyll, Tzimfemme and all the rest of the Blitz Boards crew of Old Archmage:


I miss those of you who never made the translation to the Archmage Universal Bulletin Boards, or who never made it to the Pen. For those of you who are here, I’m glad to see you. :)


I want to say how grateful I am to all of you. When I first came to Archmage, even longer ago then when I came to the Pen, I never would have stayed in the game as long as I did if I haven’t met you on the old Blitz boards there. Without your aid in learning the game and your lively conversation on the boards, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am. If it wasn’t for your presence, I would not be here at the Pen, or the writer I am now. Writing has been a journey, but you helped me with my first steps upon its path.




I will have more to say later, of course, but I think that’s a good note to end on for my first set of those I wish to thank.

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To the Sexy, Sexy Man, Orlan:


I'm still not certain how we hit the status of ex-lovers, when we were supposed to be too footloose and fancy-free to have a single lover in the first place. Nonetheless, here we are, two sex-symbol parodies carried with a deadpan expression. I enjoy it, and the chocolate. Also know which one of us is true-life responsible for holding the metaphorical roof over our imaginary heads. Nonetheless, I _am_ going to write into Men of Terra Magazine to rename you "Silent Man" if you don't give us updates on the publication you should be pursuing.


--Tzimfemme, the Naked Mage




My Starlight. . .


so shiny! a man of stars! I've seen the picture and it doesn't capture a tenth of how striking you are! you're my pillar, so tall, and I feel like a climbing rose, blooming in the long suns and the sparkling snows and the warmth of your smiles. you gave me the greatest gift possible. . .I was only potential, but with your help I got to live. living in reality is the dream of dreams, but I'm there, and full of love, and happy. . .please oh please let our children take after you and not me. . .


Rydia, adorned with pearls

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Salinye - You welcomed me here when I first stepped paw across your threshhold. From then you proved to be a wonderful friend to me and my companions. You write brilliantly, and it is people like you who make me want to improve my own skill.

Thank you for the small part you played in Unseen, thank you for making me feel welcome, and thank you for being a true friend.


Ayshela - Spirit sister! You have more in common with me than I thought possible for any female. *grins* You're wonderful to know and always manage to make me grin. Thank you for counting me as a friend and gracing me with your exuberance and tacklehugs.


Epinephrine - I can't believe you're gone. Maybe the realisation hasn't quite hit me yet, but I still feel like I'm going to see you next Tuesday...

You have been a truly wonderful friend to me this year gone, and I hope it continues along the same track. You always had time for me, even when you had your own problems you still tried to find ways to cheer me up when I was down.

Best of luck to you and your beloved for the journey you undertake this next year.

Return to us soon my friend.

And thank you for being all that you are.

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You don't like romantic comments or even letters, but then again either do I, and that's why we fit so well. You brought me to the archmage conservatory and from there to the Pen, and that has shifted my world indescribably.


I've spent my life looking for something to challenge me, and you do that. It took me so long to sort out what I felt and gain the courage to say it, but you stayed by me for that.


Thank you,





Speaking with you on MSN means more to me than you can know. When we're planning something or discussing something, I feel like we know exactly what the other is feeling. Even during misunderstandings I feel like that! I know I usually laugh so hard when we're trying to sort out what the other meant. Everything I'm saying, it's not coming across right, but you probably know what I mean anyway. So far across the world, Tanuchan, and I only "met" you so recently, yet I think of you as one of my best friends.


Thank you,





I wish I knew you better. You write like I wish I could, and make it seem so easy. Words fail me now, as they often do after I finish reading one of your works. Vivid images, perfect wording, encompassing mood - and a great sense of humour. Pirate Yui indeed.


And how can I express my appreciation for all the time and effort you've spent, helping me do one thing or another? Your dedication is astounding.






You never cease to amaze me, Peredhil. You know everyone here - I almost suspect you must know everyone in the world, somehow - and you love them all. You manage to have enough time for all of them. You pop in unexpectedly all the time and just fix everything, because you know what everyone needs and you know how to give it to them in the way they need it.






Your sense of humour, of course, but also your zest for life, your keen sense of perception as evidenced by your poems. Before watching you on that camera for your radio show, I never thought anyone could move around so much. It's a great thing to see, really, that excitement, and hear your love for and knowledge of all things music.


Peace out,





Your hard work, even in the face of hard times, puts me to shame. I admire your tireless efforts for the good of the Pen and the guilds. You are another great could-be friend, if only I could meet you in real life. You have a common sense and down-to-earthness that is only outstripped by your energy when it comes to welcoming and, dare I say it, tacklehugging.







I always enjoy what you write, and you always do your best for these boards. Your humour and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope that through writing this story we're planning, I get to know you even better.




Oh, so many more that I simply can't leave out, and so many more beyond that that I want to write to and will probably not have time. In case I don't get back to this at all, understand that I appreciate you:












at the absolute, rock-bottom least. I wish that I had the time and determination to, like Peredhil, write to all of those that have affected me.

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Annael: Thanks to you, and some number of others, I do know that the world isn't always a big ugly place. Sure, there's some really really ugly spots, but you helped me learn how to avoid most of them. And I've stayed out of trouble ever since! well...mostly... ;) lol!



Peredhil: I can't even begin to thank you enough for listening to me whine and cry, and for giving me solid pieces of advice when you hardly even knew me. You are one of the most compassionate people I have ever met, online or in real life. Although I do have to ask, what is there to forgive you for? *lots of hugs*



Thanks to all the people who welcomed a confused and petrified-to-post-for-the-first-time wannabe poet/writer to the halls of the Pen, and to those that convinced me to go into Wyvern's office. :P I wish I could write even half as well as you all. I'm sorry this has to encompass a whole bunch of people, but that is a whole lot of names!



Finally, thanks to all the people from the Pen that I met through Archmage or various other online games (Orlan, Tzim, Knight...to name a few) for endless hours of amusement...sometimes at another mages expense. :D


I truly wish I had the time to write something to all the people I've come into contact with here at the Pen. Perhaps I will one of these days, and perhaps I'll even pick up a pen and start writing again. :)

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Three more letters!


Ma chère Katzaniel,


You made a roaring impression here the first day you came and your enthusiast for being a Troubabdour warmed my heart. I'm very impressed by everything you did, from you stories to your roleplay in the Werewolves games and what you did at the head of the Storyteller's Guild.


Avec toute mon amitié,


Lady Celes Crusader




Mon cher Wyvern,


Beyond your greedy ways, there's an heart of gold and a mind that yearns to discover many different things not only for yourself but for the other pennites. You do a colossal job as the Elder of the Initiate and I'm thankful that you played along when I first apply. I'm so sorry for all the trouble my cats put you into. ;)


Sincèrement vôtre,


Lady Celes Crusader




Ma chère Tanuchan,


When you came in here first at the Pen, you immediatly spiced it up in your own way. You poetry is a delight and you pull of a great roleplay and moderation in the Werewolves games. But, beyond that, you are among the sweetest people I know and you always manage to make me smile. :)


À la tienne,


Lady Celes Crusader

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Dear Pedro,


Thank you very much for the hardy meal at Travis' concert hall, it was scrumptiously filling. The food was so good that I didn't even leave any geld tip, since I thought it was priceless! *ahem* Anyway, I figured I owed ya a note or something... So to be more specific, the tossed jumbo seahorse salad with barnacle sprinkles and a dolphin fin was fit for a merman king, and could surely feed a merman army. It tasted perfect with the charbroiled unicorn horn, which complimented the flavor of the barnacles with a bitterness akin to gargantuan sea squid ink. The extra crispy chocolate malted turtle doves were fly in flavor, and the sweet and sweeter sauce was sweeter than the sweetest sugar golem sweat. The sardine and pixie wing pizza was worthy of the best witch pizzerias, as was the cup of witches brew, which had the loveliest tang of zombie brains and was refreshingly free of eyes of newts. Of course, I can't forget the leg of satyr that you so kindly replaced, which simply sang with flavor. The siren monster tentacle platter also sang some alluring tunes, and was just as good despite its slightly higher pitch and tone. The frog legs smelt of royalty, and the slices of manticore you prepared roared with flavor... Curly onion cheese doodles are curly onion cheese doodles, one of the best snacks around.


That cockatrice platter was great as well, as was the accompanying gorgon entree... both of them seemed perfect for stoners. Speaking of entrees, if the seahorse salad was fit for a merman army, the gargantuan sea serpent was surely fit for several mermen communities! It was a most excellent dish, though I got a bit lost inside of it and slipped on the hammerhead shark meat a few times. The Kraken Chowder was similarly collosal, and was good enough to make even the most elite of Forjibord chefs proud. I also liked the flame elemental and golem platter, which was sufficiently spicey and excellent for roasting the afformentioned satyr leg, though it gave me a bit of heart burn. It tasted great inside of the ogre club sandwich, as it drowned out the flavor of goblin-farmed squash. The macaroni and tri-tusked warthog was also excellent, as the troglyodyte sauce tasted like it was fresh from the underworld. Oh, and that half a chimera- superb! The goat head part of it was particularly tender.


I admit that my memories of taste become a bit hazy after that point... The gnomish sunday may have been the one flawed part of the menu, as it didn't seem as if it was forged under your hand and tasted a bit screwy. After that, I remember the refreshing minty flavor of a cake as well as the excellent taste of the finest chocolate. Speaking of which, my final memory before passing out is of half a chocolate Pen figurine that I didn't manage to finish. If you could be so kind to send me this leftover in the mail, I'll gladly devour it now.


Thanks again, I'll be sure to check out that book of yours "Minding your Workout with Matter"... or was it "Working out Matter with Travis"?




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Dear Pen Populace - and yes, that means you. All of you.


When i fell in the gates of the Pen Keep almost two years ago now, i had no idea what to expect, and every guard and barrier up and locked against whatever might come to pass. What i found was the one thing i had no defense against - caring acceptance.


I've been literally flat in bed sick for two months now, and what bothers me the most about it? Missing all of you. Your jokes, your thoughtful conversation, your words of wisdom and of care. Your elegantly crafted poetry and stories, and your raw encapsulated emotion. The shining glints of heart and soul within these walls brighten my day and lift my spirits, and i've missed you all more than i could begin to say.


I realize most when i have to be away just how much you all mean to me, how much you add to my life.


Thank you.

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I'm sure many of the current Pen populace don't know me, and I apologize for resurrecting a month-old thread, but I feel the need to reply. In the years since the Pen was first created I have always been around somewhere, never feeling the need to post much or feeling that I needed to apply for membership because I write very seldom. I am an Honoured Guest and proud of it. Anyway, I was looking through things on an uneventful night and stumbled across this thread, so now, as I said, I feel the need to reply. (especially since my dearly beloved Quincunx wrote me a love letter on the computer next to me and didn't even tell me about it /bonk :))


But first, short tokens of appreciation to others that deserve it. I made this a very short list, I know many others here but these are the persons that I know best, that I feel that I am authorized to say something about. If you are not among them, it is only because I do not know you well enough to feel like I could say something without it being made up.


@ Peredhil:

You are always a steady rock of good intentions, you practically emanate an aura of comforting thoughts. You may not have much time to stop by and chat, but when you do the mood will almost always improve, wherever it may be. Thank you for being the wise, positive caretaker of souls that you are, even though I have never needed your services in that respect that I can recall :)


@ Madoka:

My samurai, I miss having you by my side in battle. You are the reason my character has the background story he does, you kickstarted me into writing stories about him and thus having to flesh out who and what he was much more accurately than he would have been otherwise. But above all, you were a stalwart friend that never flinched from standing up for any of us. I hope you have time to read this, and even more fervently hope that our paths will cross on a more regular schedule again, Madoka-sama.


@ Valdar:

Strange fetishes and characters are your hallmark, but behind it all is a young man of great talent and practically boundless imagination and creativity. Always remember that and use that to your advantage in any way possible, my friend :)


@ Zadown:

No matter how sombre or moody you may sometimes be, your value as a friend is always a positive influence on me. I think you choose your friends carefully, and I am honored to be counted as one of them. Your creativity is an outlet for your highly intelligent and very active mind, and I hope the Pen gives you that extra push you want to keep outdoing yourself. :)


@ Quincunx:

I feel no need to make this an in-character response, because I know what you wrote was just as valid, or even more so, out of character. I curse the ocean that again separates us (and the bureaucracy that made it necessary) , but the 6 months will end and all will be well again. You fulfil every dream I ever had and you have showed me what it is like to truly be loved. I love you. :wub:


(on a side note, I hope our children take after both of us - though I dread the possibility of having a perpetual Minta in the household instead of only a part-time one :D)

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Dear friends,


Yes, friends.


I’ve come to consider the people around here like this, but lately I’m getting more and more upset about the general negative atmosphere that hangs around this place…..


Soooo, instead of adding to this, I decided to bump this thread and give a little bit of TLC here in hopes of reviving some of the thoughts that I felt when I first got here.


Starting randomly here, but will continue till I’ve addressed all the people that I feel I should address :)




Mindtwins, nuff said *hugs*





From the start we’ve gotten along, and even though I can react a bit shortly at times, you continue to be there and listen.


I would like to apologize for all the times I might have reacted snappy, you’ve never done anything to deserve that, and I am glad that you are my friend.





How I love writing together with you :)


You manage to spark my imagination, and I thank you for that.

I hope you will find time to come around here more often; I miss having you here.





My partner in crime ;)


I couldn’t have wished for a better partner to dive into the adventure of the AVV. You manage to hold back some of my enthusiasm, and guide it towards more realistic paths.


I think we make a great team.





You make me laugh, and that’s so needed nowadays. Your sarcasm has managed to pull me through many mornings, and I just want you to know that you are greatly appreciated by this silly girl on the other side of the world.



Will be continued…

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Your sharp mind, and sharp questions force me to think about what I’m saying and writing. You’re not afraid to say what you think, and this is a quality I have high upon my list.


Working together with you on various projects has been a great pleasure, and I hope that we’ll be able to continue like this for a long time still.





Lately I’m finding out how great you actually are. I’ve called you Guardian Angel of GL’s in PM a couple of times, but you truly are an angel.


You stand for what you believe, and are willing to fight for it. This has already given me the will to keep fighting as well a couple of times, and this sort of support is worth more than I can express here in a few simple words.





It’s been a while since we spoke, and I miss it. I hope life will give you time to visit back here every now and then.





We have very different opinions about a couple of subjects. Nevertheless, I’m very, very grateful that you are always there for a good talk.


I admire your love for the Pen, and am trying to take your positive feelings as my example on how to post.





Not sure if you ever get to read this, might have to give you the link before you do ;)


However, I do want to say thank you for being there. You have a great sense of humour, and laughing is so very important.





I should come round more often for tea or a coffee in #thepenkeep, I greatly enjoy RPing with you and Daryl.


Guess, I’ll have to kick myself out of bed early a bit more often. ;)





Your unwavering believe in people has given me strength a couple of times already, thank you for this.



Cyril Darkcloud,


Not only do I admire your writing, but also highly respect the way you stand behind your own principles, and respect others in theirs.

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I let this get buried once without finishing, and I nearly did it again. Here I am though. I would like to reiterate, first, that I have not the endurance, like Peredhil, to write to each and every one of you that has affected me. Believe me when I say that through observing and participating in the Pen, I have come to admire and be affected positively by more of you, and to a greater effect, than you think.





Our story might be on indefinite hold, due to my busy schedule as much as yours, but I won't stop wishing that we were working together on it again. It is great fun brainstorming and chatting with you, I love your sense of humour, and my respect for your writing is great. You write at a level that I could never achieve; I have trouble reading things written at the level that you seem to think and breathe in. And despite that leap of writing styles and the fact that it would be hard to find an audience to which both our styles appeal, I know that our story could be something great. I know it in my gut. Because I love reading your stuff and I love writing with you.


With hope and fervour,






I find myself wanting your opinion for so many things, so if I bother you too often on MSN, that's why. There are similarities between us, and even when your thoughts differ from mine, I find myself readily agreeing because you're very smart and I respect your opinions. You bring a fresh perspective that I may not think of on my own, but that I inevitably consider to be correct.


Though Sweet's apparently boundless energy can sometimes be daunting, you are a solid and grounded person with whom I have no trouble connecting. May we accomplish together many good things for the guilds and for the Pen.


Thank you,






I put you on my list of those-I-absolutely-must-thank, even before I knew you well. Various businesslike messages regarding quill quests, and one lengthy and soul-baring discussion on IRC late one evening - these things established a great respect for you and a wish to know you better. Now that I have you on MSN, we have chatted a few more times, and I find in you another who is very like myself, but better in a few key ways. Not in that I do not like myself, but that I like you as a friend better than I would like myself as a friend.


I'm going to stop now before I confuse myself. Suffice to say that I enjoy talking to you, and trust your opinion too.








Oh, Salinye. Long time since we sat up late plotting evil deeds or talked into the night about various more serious things. In you I find someone who views the world in a very dissimilar way, but that often comes to the same conclusions anyway. You also understand the inherent attraction of silly evil plans, and though I would not use the abbreviation myself except under extreme circumstances, there is a great glee in seeing your "LOL!!!" to something I've said. You laugh at my jokes and therefore have a fantastic sense of humour. (lol :P)


Oh, Salinye. Evil, evil Salinye. May we plot again in the near future, though Tamaranis or the World may suffer for it.








Now you, you do have boundless energy, methinks. Even when tired or downtrodden, you seem to be more lively than myself. But when we work together on a task, we easily connect, for we accomplish much in short periods and I think we make good decisions together. I think you suffer from low self-confidence because you never seem to believe that I'm happy with your thoughts and personality, so let me say it now and please believe me, for it's true: Your vibrance delights me, and your opinions are often compelling and genuinely convince me to your point of view; failing that, I usually seem to have convinced you of mine, so if we disagree rarely it's not because I am somehow hiding my actual beliefs but because we quickly and easily find a middle ground. Mynx, I enjoy working or chatting with you, and I hope your life calms down so that we can do so again soon.


Thank you for being yourself,




Of course, I'm out of time again, but there are many that I would wish to thank separately, all those from before and also a few that I've gotten to know, or gotten to know better, in the past year. I hope I get to this again soon.

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Every time I read this thread, I remember more and more people I need to write to.

And every time I sit down to do so, I forget half the names. This is definitely a work in progress...

But there is one name I need to write for right now...




Even when you're down you still have that characteristic charm that is yours. Thanks for putting up with my sarcasm...It's easier than me trying to get rid of it.

Even when I have absolutely no inspiration, simply talking to you gives me ideas, more often than not ideas that we can both use...

Never underestimate yourself my friend.

Your worth is beyond measure. Try to remember that for me? I know it is not always easy, but it is never not true.

Always here when you need to talk...(Just use the Mynx symbol!...?)



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I really think this and the "First Lines" thread in the Banquet Room are my favourite threads on the board. =)


HappyBuddha - you've been a godsend, the right person at the right place at the right time with the right words more times than i could say. You let me babble about whatever's bubbling up and demanding to be said, and never condemn me for any of it. Even though sometimes you can't find words for *why* you disagree about some point or other, knowing that you do keeps that point in question, usually until i get it kicked apart and find what you were trying to say.


You are *there*, and you remain insistently there because you care. That is very rare for me, and even if i did not love who you are i would love you for that.


*warm hugs*

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Yes, we really do have something in common and I wish we spoke more. I too REALLY wanted to send some notes here and almost didn't. Thank you for reminding me. I can't thank nearly as many people here as I should but there are a few of you who I absolutely must. You all are why I stay at the pen.

Katz, I always enjoy the way you think, feel your sense of humor and appreciate the effort you put in. Once I have internet at home again (ideally at the beginning of next month) I will certainly poke at you. We should collaborate on something. Woudl be fun.



You're one of the people who really makes me miss having internet at home. I haven't forgotten you all and I won't vanish. I miss our conversations. I was beginning to feel that we coudl become quite good friends. You're sharing and trusting and fun. Like a few others you think I'm wiser than I am and I fear that over time you may notice I'm not nearly as good at being a guardian angel as I'd like to be. Thank you for making me feel wanted and thank you for standing with me.



Whenever we talk it always seems to be meaningful. I know you're busy, but you're another one of those people around here I know I can trust to get stuff done. Your ideas work, girl.



Your peaceful diplomacy is always a treasure. You never ask for the spotlight (at least at the pen) and maybe that's why things work so well when you're quietly here.



Thanks for being frank and fun. You're another one I'd like to talk to more. I don't know how old you are (and don't really care) but when I'm talking to you I don't have to feel like an old pen fogie and I enjoy that.


Appy and Mira,


Thanks you two for volunteering for/accepting a hard job. You have my offer to help or brainstorm whenever you need it. I have confidence.



Take care of yourself! I treasure you and I don't think there's any need to say more.


To all,

This pen community has meant a lot to me very often at various times in the last four plus years. Many of you have made a difference at various times sometimes a lot of difference. I can't write everyone I want to, because if I don't start editing those Grade twelve proofs I will be here till eight again today. Take care.

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*Delivered by some sort of animate plant, a letter seems to arrive at some point in time...*




To The Mighty Pen, or at least those of you that I know,


I love you all! It's been tremendous being here these past years, even though I haven't really been here lately. I love you for your patience in putting up with my battles with myself, not to mention the demons, and the drama. I love you for your kindness, support and friendship. I may not be here all the time, but as long as you'll all put up with me, you can bet I'll be around, probably hiding somewhere in the shadows or around the next bend. But I'll always be here, just like you've all been here for me.


One day soon,


The Big Pointy One, BigPointyStick aka Dierden Samshae aka 'Stick', etc...





Followed shortly by that, a few other letters arrived, delivered by miniature carrot golems, they read:



To The Mighty Pen crew:






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To Drummondo,

The past two months (i think thats how long it is) have just been completely crazy! We have like gotten so close so fast, that sometimes it scares me!


I think I'm drawn to you because you have been through some of my situations and can relate!


Your the most talented person i know! Im always looking forward to your next poem, song, music. Whatever it is i always love it. Your voice is amzing and your guitar skills just astonish me :)


I find myself talking to you till like 6am and find when i go to bed that I miss you! I miss smiling (untill you text me :D) I hate the ocean that lies between us, and the fact i can't hold you when your down. But i love being able to text or ring you when im down, knowing you can always put a smile on my face.


Be careful though i think I've fallen for you :wub:

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You are the stars. The stars that light the sky. The stars that I can't see at night. My curtains are drawn to block out the light. The stars that tell me what to write. The stars that fall, that people wish upon, that we long to reach. We always fall so short. You are the stars to which I feel so close, but from which I am so far. Even when the stars fade, I know they're still there. They're just a night time away.


You say you're falling for me. I always did wish on falling stars.


With love,



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You always have a good word to say about somebody, even if you've only known them 5 minutes. You don't wait to have a reason to express your feelings towards someone, but when you do have one, instead of telling yourself it's already done, you go through the list alphabetically ( and here I was half expecting you to have run out of compliments when you'd gotten to the T's, what was I thinking? ;) ). The beauty of your words is that they're not excessive, and whoever you are talking to will know you're not just making things up. I'm pretty sure you could convince an appendix that its role within the human body is as important as any organ's. Your friendship is so touching that even this double weenie will take the time to write a post for you.




I hadn't actually noticed how long ago these were written when I wrote mine, but hey... it still applies and it's not too late, is it? ;)

Edited by Tyrion

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It's NEVER too late, Tyrion. =)

Words of appreciation are always in season, and this thread is lucky enough to periodically be bumped by someone who's thought of someone else they want to write to and for.

This is one of my favourite threads on the board, and several others have said similar, so no worries that anyone will be upset at seeing it reappear.


Welcome back, and this is a wonderful way to pop back into view!


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While I have by no means had time to fully read this thread, (It's huge! Which is great!) I love it on general principle. And so, in no particular order -




I've very rarely been able to be completely honest, and completely at ease, with anyone so soon after meeting them. Personally, I think that's a sign of something. Might be a sign of peanut butter, but it's definitely a sign, and legitimate, honest to goodness signs are all too rare. Yer great, and as I do keep saying, a total angel. *hugs*




Wow. One of my first "borrowed" characters, and most definitely one of my favorites. I'm very glad I chose to snatch Wyv for a story or two, as it gave me free range to identify, and eventually actually converse with ya. You've got such a free-wheeling view on life in general, and are an ace radio personality, to boot. I only get to listen in once in a blue moon, but I look forward to it when I do.




While I can't say I understand everything you write, I can say I enjoy not understanding it. And what I do, I *really* enjoy. I believe it was Pered who compared you to a Sensei, but I have to go more along the lines of Zen gnostic baker. You've got an intuitive understanding of the straight-up weirdness and absurdity of everyday life, and can make it turn into fluffy, delicious doughnuts. And I loves me some doughnuts.


Also, I have a soft spot for Minta, as she appeals to the sugar-loaded-zombie-gnome in all of us. But then, don't we all.




My favorite racoon-dog, and also one of my favorite people. Talking to you is always fun, enlightening, and generally I come away feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Much luck in your endeavors, and hopefully we can all get together for like, drinks or something one of these years. It'd totally rock. And karaoke. Can't forget the karaoke.




I still remember the first time we talked, you contributing to the "Keep me Awake so I can finish Best Served Cold" fund. Fun times then, and fun times since. And I promise, if I ever edit, I'll give you a sword, and let you whack the tar out of some cultists.




Oh silken fur like shiny sun,

Oh warm and sultry feline one,

Who's heart I yearned to ever be in,

And lost to Ozy, then to Tyrion.


Ok, that was a bad poem. But it was supposed to be. Probably. I think. Either way, yer great, and definitely know how to take a joke. Which in my book, is next to saintliness. Or something.




If you have any idea how much positive impact you've had on any number of people, but in this case on me in specific, you don't need me to tell you. But I will, just because. You're great, I love you. In a manly way, of course.


Ok, and on that note I am again strapped for brain power. Probably edit at some point when I'm not heavily medicated.


Also, shout outs to:


The Big Pointy One



*and* Scarlett!









(aw, hell, all of ya. my memory suuuuuuuuuhcks.)

(edit: Ozy,




I'll get you all!

And your little dogs too!

(Ok, maybe not your

little dogs. But you get the idea.))

Edited by Finnius

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It's been far too long since I've had time or opportunity for this. Only time for one tonight, darn it all.


My dear Mynx,


Kitty of my heart, other half of my brain frighteningly often (I'm not sure what that says about you... ;) ), for all the things which only you truly understand and all the times you've let me PM a shriek your direction, my wholehearted thanks. For all the times you've sent kitten minions to keep me safe and warm - tickly whiskers and all - thank you. For just being you - awesome through and through - and sharing yourself as you do, thank you.


*huggles and skritches*


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