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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

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Screaming Priests

You're gonna die

(You'll go to hell)

Surrender to my will

(Because we know you will)

It's like screeching nails

On your f*cking blackboard

Snapping bodies

Broke in half

(This is you)

IF we don't get your cash

Pray to him

(He will love)

Your loving Christ is up above

He sees this but you are still here

Should I strip down for your god?

Take off my clothes for your own charge?

Should you take me for that ride?

Kill me now so I will die?

Will I know your loving Christ?

Does it work if I'm my own sacrifice?

BlackCagedHeart :dragon3:

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nice work :)


Reminds me of this movie "Stigmata" and the discovery (portrayed in the movie, and real life 'happening') of old scrolls with 'new' words of Christ on them... he sais:


"If you split this wood, I am there. If you turn this stone, you will find me" (not correct quote, but accurate in it's intend)


Basically telling people that you don't need the institute of 'church' to believe... I really like that idea.. and you so very well put in your poem WHY I like that idea...

Offcourse the christian church does not like this idea that they are obsolete... but i'll not get into that kay? ;)



Again, nice poem, and welcom to these boards! :flower:

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The quote is


"I am the light that is over all. I am the All.

The All came forth out of me. And to me the All has come."

"Split a piece of wood – I am there.

Lift the stone, and you will find me there."


It's a real quote from the Gospal of Thomas found in a jar in Nag hammadi, Egypt in the 19th century (can't remember exactly). Also found here was the Gospel of Philip among other things. All written in original Coptic as well! It is thought it was hidden there for much the same reasons that the Gospel of Mary was likely hidden. The church was gaining power and phasing out some of the more "radical" ideas that these scriptures hinted at. I mean, women! in the clergy! http://www.themightypen.net/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif To be fair though the church is redressing the balance slowly.

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It is interesting to me that the word translated as "church" isn't used alone, but with a modifier. "Church of ..." Typically, it's church of the Bride (Israel), or church of [the body of] Christ, but in one place in Acts, it's translated "mob" - when it could've been 'Church of those called out by the silver-smiths of Diana to stone Paul for cutting in on the trinket trade".


Church, technically, means "called out for a common purpose", and is always referring to people. The word really becomes meaningless without its modifier.


Your poem sounds as if it is a pretty well-written statement of attending a 'Church of guilt bought off by money'. Sorry you were exposed to that. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


I do note, however, that just because the Public Relations teams claim an organization represents someone or something, it doesn't mean its true. Blame the people lying, not that about which the lie is told, me-thinks.


Good poem, nice Polite conversation.



correctly according to strict usage: A member of the Church of the Pen is Mightier than the Sword...

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Tidings of peace

Yet subject to fear

Why need for hellfire

When the message is clear?


No need for scream

No need to lie

My own freely given

Not yours, that's fine.


And no need to look

At pits of dammnation

Just look at our own

Subjugate nations


Where young people die

For there is no care

And when children cry

There's nobody there


Our spirit is willing

But the pocket is weak

Give us a shilling

To feed a soul this week


Jesus would,


Edited by Valdar and Astralis

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Valdar/Astralis, I like what you're saying! I totally agree... any church that preaches all hellfire, or all heaven, is a fraud. I also feel the anger of BlackCagedHeart.


Anyone here read "The Visitation" by Frank Peretti?

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My goodness! It's so cool over 100 people have read this certain poem by me. I mean not to offend ANYONE by this. -_- MY apoligies to any who were. You all speak words of opinion and I much enjoy seeing it. Thank YOU!

BlackCagedHeart :dragon3:

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