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Found 3 results

  1. Even a man who is pure of heart And says his prayers by night May still become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms And the moon shines full and bright. Once upon a time, Werewolf hunts were common here. They took many shapes and forms, and it wasn't always a lycanthrope we hunted, but they were wolves nonetheless. It's high time to bring them back, I think, and safer all around to just start from scratch. So. This is going to be the new Werewolf thread. It is here that all questions can be asked and answered, the list of games is kept, and various other odds and ends. For the sake of posterity, here are links to the old Index, Werewolf Q&A, and the old Rules, but they are no longer gospel, and we will be starting back at Game One. The Rules: Players: Game Leader (GL) Villagers Wolves Seer Baner Villagers are the default and necessary for any game. The number of Wolves, and whether or not a game has a Seer and/or Baner is dependent on the number of players. The GL runs the game, plays NPCs as necessary, and is the only one who knows for a fact who is who. Phases: The game is broken into a Day phase and a Night phase. Although the game always starts with Day phase, we will begin by explain the rules for night, first. Night phase is when the Wolves are out to play. When the GL declares it is Night phase, the Wolf or Wolves of the game must decide on a single target, the Seer must decide on a suspect, and the Baner must decide who to protect. All of these decisions are sent privately to the GL, who will reveal the results at the end of the Night phase. If the Wolves are successful, their target dies and can no longer play the game. However, if the target was also selected by the Baner to be protected, then the target will survive the night. If the Baner targets a lone Wolf, the same thing happens - no kill. If there is more than one Wolf, however, and the Baner selects one of them, then the chance of the kill going through is decided by the numbers: Two Wolves, One of them Baned = 50% chance of success. Three Wolves, One of them Baned = 66%, and so on. The Seer is informed of their suspect's true nature, be they Villager, Baner, or Wolf. It is up to the Seer to decide what to do with this information. Day phase begins with the results of the night, and so begins the lynching phase. Each member of the game has the chance to both defend themselves and cast their votes as to who they think the Wolf or Wolves are, all the while staying in character within the nature of the game. People are by nature suspicious, and Wolves are by nature conniving - there is nothing to stop players from hinting, accusing, or outright lying, and odds are you could end up condemning the one person who has been trying to save you. RP is strongly encouraged, with only a few requirements: The vote must be stated clearly at the end of the post in an out of character (OOC) comment. The GL must be informed of any collaborative writing or planning that takes place outside of the main game. Traditionally, simply including the GL in the emails or PMs is sufficient. If at all possible, you are strongly encouraged to find an in-game reason for casting your vote, and write accordingly. When the votes have been cast, the GL will carry out the lynching, and begin Night phase. End Game: The game ends when one of two things happen: Either the Wolf or Wolves are all lynched, or the number of Villagers equals the number of Wolves. For the sake of the final decision, Seers and Baners count as Villagers. These are the base rules. Within this, there are a number of variables and options on which the GL can decide: Length of phases: Traditionally, Day phase lasts 48 hours, and Night phase 24 hours. Revealing roles: It is up to the GL to decide whether or not to disclose a player's role upon death or lynching, though traditionally it can be more of a challenge to keep this a secret until the end of the game. The nature of the wolves and deaths: As already stated, a Werewolf game doesn't have to be about werewolves themselves. We have often played with themes to keep things interesting, and as a result the kills may not be in true death but simply in removal from the game. Continuation as a Non-Playing Character (NPC) can be negotiated with the GL. Allies: Traditionally, only the wolves are allowed to ally with one another, although the GL may determine whether players are allowed to ally in/out-of-game. All games must have two threads: a game thread, and an OOC thread to register characters, make out-of-game comments, and clarify any questions unique to specific games. The OOC threads are not to be used to garner votes (so no claims of "I'm a Baner and if you vote for Bob I'll protect you" or the like). If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or PM myself or Tanuchan. Let the games begin
  2. Our own Mynx and Tanuchan have e-published to Amazon. Fantasy of course, and under $5. Spread the news, write reviews! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MKD7N1O
  3. Elrohir decided he needed to sit and think things over. Dad had long advised such a course, and occasionally over the Planes, he'd actually had to resort to it. This seemed such an occasion as he'd never dealt with any similar situation in a long long life over many worlds on many Planes following his father. He'd hated to do it, because a peculiarity of Planeswalking was that he and his twin, Elladan, were very much more powerful together than apart, nearly as strong as the Peredhil, but needs-must drove them. Dad's bodyguards, the Giant Guinea Pigs Guido and Nuncio, weren't even lesser Planeswalkers. They were very skilled, after so much time, in a variety of matters, and even possessed magical abilities in some places and times. And they were currently lost, hopefully in the same place, but even that was unknown. As much as he liked them, he and 'Dan probably wouldn't have separated except that Dad would rather he stay in his current Trap than they have a singed hair. And, like many who loved the old Elf, that meant trying to do things his way out of respect. Even the practical 'Dan tended to try to be Polite first, and kill later. He was also a better Planes-tracker, so it had fallen to himself to find help. Which was downright embarrassing, when it came to it. He tried to gather his thoughts and stop their wandering. It just seemed so improbable. The Peredhil caught in a trap and unable to escape. Even if he could encompass that concept, that the master of Portals could be trapped, it seemed unbelievable that he and 'Dan couldn't do anything at all to help. It had been business as usual. Peredhil had become restless, driven by his own memories and sorrows, and decided to look for a new Plane to distract himself. They'd been drifting from world to world in the latest Plane - after a while they tended to blur together - and the time had come to move on. They'd scribed the Sigils and Glyphs, and taken the five positions, and Peredhil had triggered the Portal To Somewhere. It was one of Dad's signature spells, opening a portal to a semi-random place that fit the criteria - supporting their type of life being a foundational requirement. It all went well, until it was triggered. Something intercepted them. Something strong. Something that had ripped apart the spell, seized Dad, and dumped the rest wherever the energies had sent them. 'Dan had found him first, although it had taken him weeks of local time, and 'Dan nearly a year. Together they'd sought their father. He lived, at least, they knew that much. Elladan had managed to find the correct Plane, and once there, Elrohir had used his affinities for spiritual deities to hone in on the world. The precise location was blocked by a being of such power they were unable to use magical means to enter. The few local deities were sympathetic, but feared to help. Whatever had trapped the Peredhil was a Planeswalker of such power it was at war with all other powers, and had slain most of the deities of the world, and done genocide on their worshippers to ensure they stayed dead. Nothing lived, without permission, for miles around the Power's center of power, an entire Mountain. They'd decided to make a try anyway, only to find that even the physical paths were deadly. A rarity of rarities, the Entity had Elfbane, of the kind that was poisonous and toxic to them. Like kryptonite to the Ubermensch in one of their favorite worlds to shop, its mere presence rendered them helpless to proceed. And there was a great deal of it on and in the Mountain. 'Dan went to track the Guinea Pigs, and it was up to him to find help. It would take something like the Dreamer to make a frontal assault, and in a conflict of such magnitude, it would be very likely that their father wouldn't survive. So they needed subtle skills. The Jack of Shadows, a Yui, a Mynx. Someone who'd be powerful enough to enter and free the Peredhil, but insane enough to be willing to try. And so, after searching the nearest worlds, and then Planes, he found himself sitting here and wondering what to do next.
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