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Found 1 result

  1. Katzaniel

    The Labyrinth

    ((Everyone welcome. There will be dice, but the system is simple and the focus is on narrative. OOC thread can be found here.)) The labyrinth. A massive stone structure, grey brick upon grey brick upon grey brick for a thousand paces on its shorter side. It would take an hour just to walk around it. The walls are the height of three people, and polished smooth. A square tower can be seen set inside the outer wall at each of the labyrinth's corners, rising twice again that height. To the north, a sprawling forest called the Shandrican by some. To the east, the Yashair mountains loom against the sky, a single pass into this secluded area. The west harbours the Laranar Sea, its waves lapping at the base of the labyrinth. And lastly, to the south, where the plains turn to sand and eventually become the Naragon Desert. There are giant wooden gates set into the structure on both the north and south sides. The maze is known to be both enchanted and dangerous, but for once every decade, legend says, the doors will open and inside you can find your fortune - if you can survive the traps, monsters, puzzles, and pure human greed. There are some who have listened to the legends, and have calculated that the doors will open at dawn this day. Only time will tell which is victorious.