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    Muse of Flying Handles, Frenemy to Many
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    Los Angeles
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    Food Art, poetry, script writing, reading, medicine, geodes, natural history, baking, making homemade candy, being silly and laughing as often as possible, listening to all kinds of music and singing along very loudly.

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    I am mostly Flemish, I think...
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    Went to alternative school most of the time, so I have very few people skills, which I have learned to revel in. I got my GED after getting kicked out of high school for not showing up. Got two undergraduate degrees at TESC, went to medical school in LA at USC, started family medicine residency, got married, went blind, had two cornea transplants, now can see, did research for a few years, now trying to go back to residency.
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    Please give me some. Any feedback at all. I need it.
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I come from a family of people who are "quirky".  This has its good and bad sides.  For one thing we are mostly deep thinkers, we have long philosophical discussions and many of us are very smart.  We are artists, writers, creative thinkers, expressive and funny.  On the other hand, we are plagued by mental illness.  My youngest sibling committed suicide, my oldest sibling is schizophrenic and a ward of the state.  My family is pursued by the demons of depression and madness.  It makes us interesting in the best and worst sense of the word.

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