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    Fluffy jellybean, found under the cushion, You still look good to me. Along with the furry breadcrumbs, toe nail clippings, and fallen chickpea. I will nom you, as I do everything, Because I am hongry. And throw up later, on tile not carpet, if you are not good for me. New line: Slow gray clouds
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    Chasing trouble - She let me catch her, She was wild - I could match her. Whirlwind time - We spun around there, Eternal now - We just didn't care. I was noon - She was the dawn, At sunset, She had up and gone. First line: "The smile is fake"
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    This is now about three years old and I've been wanting to revise it for a while. Wow there's such talent here! I'm just not good enough I fear. Should I post? My grammar just ain't too good, My spellingz just mizunderstood; Should I post? Some of these people are like gods to me. They'll laugh and I'll simply die you see... Should I post? My life's been hard, my heart has died, I wanna die and my computer's fried - Should I post? What if I post and they laugh at me? If expose my heart - and they just don't see... Should I post? How am I gonna learn if'n I don't take the chance? Anyway, I doubt they'll give it more than a glance - Might as well post. Someone read it and understood! They didn't hate me for this mood; My spelling's bad 'n' they didn't care, They waded through and it rated fair! I'm glad I posted!
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