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    Life, that never ending night. From birth one walks, With their back to the sun, Their face to the stars. A quiet, drifting pathway, Leading toward oblivions embrace. Mistakes made, hearts broken, With hope gone cold. Never give up, follow your feet. Love lost, love gained. Choices are made badly, And still yet pathways remain. Emotions wrack my soul, Highest highs, lowest lows. The mountains are high and bright, But the valley’s darkness surpasses night. Consequences weight my back, Bowed and straining I make my way. Till one comes to remove my burden, Made for myself, by myself. Words written on phantom paper, Fingers busily tapping out my gloom. Thoughts shared with those that I don’t know. To share, to remove, the oppressing doom. But the shackles are tight tonight. The feelings cling as my heart reels. Emotions dripping like hearts blood. Superficial gain, inconsequence losses. Thoughts raw, unplundered by rhyme. The wellspring of my words unfiltered. Traditions and trappings of writing, Thrown away in a fit of incomprehension. But words are just words, They bring no warmth to cold souls. Only a transfusion from another heart, Life’s blood of souls, someone’s love. But god seems to hate some, while others shine. Every dog has his day, and every day has its end. Sympathies so slick and sweet slide off the tongue, But it is unwanted- give me hate or love, something I earn.
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