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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Landscape of the Mind

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TLDunn213    2

Silver Shadows rise and flow;

In a Landscape they don't know.

Where true love calls,

and true love hears,

and time is measured not in years.

Where true love seeks,

and true love finds;

It is the Landscape of the Mind.


They say a Thousand Years have passed, Since the day I held you last.

They say a Thousand Miles divide, And yet we're walking side by side.  

In the Landscape of the Mind


For Time and Space mean Nothing here; And True Love's Hope, Drives Out All Fear. It is a Place where Shadows Glow, and Love's True Face , You may safely show.


It is the Landscape of the Mind;

Where True Love Seeks, and True Love Finds. Where True Love Calls and True Love Hears; and True Love's Hope Drives out all Fears.


It is a Place where Shadows Glow, 

and True Love's Light will clearly show;

Heart to Hear, and Mind to Mind,

It is the Landscape of the Mind,

Where True Love Seeks and True Love Finds.


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