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Werewolf Game Rules

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Hello! I'm Dean The Adequate :wizzie:, a longtime friend of Ozymandius. At his request I've joined the forums to add the hyper-fun party game known as "Werewolf", to the board as a fun creative writing excersize.


I guess to start, I'll tell the basic rules...


1) The game is basically a hunt for a Werewolf in a rural village. All players get a simple persona.

a: Villager- No powers, no PM's to other players. All discusion about who is the wolf takes place in the thread for these folks.

b: Seer- The seer gets to PM the moderator during Night Phase (described below) and ask if a player is a werewolf or not. The moderator will give a truthful answer. The seer can communicate in the thread as a villager, and is on the villager's side. However, it may be unwise to give away that you are the seer, because you are the villager's greatist weapon. The wolves will target you first.

c: Wolfbaner- This is an optional persona. The wolfbaner gets to PM the moderator during night phase as well. They may use wolfbane on a player. If a wolf tries to kill the villager the wolfbaner picks, there is no effect!

d: Wolves- Wolves are villagers that, during night phase, may PM the moderator and choose a victim. That person is found dead during day phase. Depending on the size of the group, there could be two or even three wolves! If that is the case, the wolves can only feast on one victim a night. They are encouraged to PM each other and go over battle plans. The wolves must agree on a victim.

e: Moderator- The moderator is not in the game. S/He is in charge of collecting the Seer, Baner and Wolf PM's and moving the game into day and night phases. S/He is also in charge of assigning persona via PM's. The moderator is also in charge of providing the setting (if there is one) and adding or subtracting optional rules.


2) There are two phases of the game. Day phase and Night phase.

a: Day Phase- Every day phase everyone has abandoned reason and will lynch who they agree upon. Every player in the game (Wolves, Seer, Baner, Villagers) vote who they are going to lynch. Majority vote rules. In case of a tie, someone has to change thier vote. Pleading is suggested. After someone is lynched, all are told if that person was a werewolf, seer, wolfbaner, or villager. Then night phase begins.

b: Night Phase- Night phase is when all non-villager persona PM the moderator to gather thier clues and kill the innocents (The blood of innocents is mighty tasty!). All players can debate and role-play during this time, but there are no accusations. After all the PM's are gathered, the process returns to day phase, until the villagers or wolves win.


3) How to win!

a: Villagers- The villagers win if they get the werewolves! In the case of more then one werewolf, they must all be lynched.

b: Werewolves- The werewolves win if they kill enough villagers to be equal in number to them. Ergo, if there is one werewolf, there needs to be only one villager left. And so on and so on.



Everything else is on the moderator's shoulders. They are in charge, so to speak. I'll begin a signup post shortly. A moderator signup post should have the theme and optional rules posted. Players should make a charater of themselves, should the moderator choose a theme. HAPPY HUNTING!

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So, I am supposeing that if one is a wolf, they may not attempt to convert others? Ye olde wolf of days past was known to infect it's fortunate victims with lycanthropy, and thus adding more to their number. Is that possible? In either case, this sounds a lot more interesting than Survivor, though the layout is sort of the same.

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Well... that's just the sort of rule for the Moderator to make up.


If the wolves can change others into wolves, it kinda gives the villagers no chance of winning. But, it may be able to work with a really big game (20+ players, One wolf)


Maybe turning limits? Only X amount of wolves at any time?

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Some of the rules can be slightly changed/adapted by the current mod, so please be sure also to check for any extra information on the signup post for current game and also its first post. :)




As extra info, there is an index to all Werewolf Games posted at the Piazza of Portraits, under my profile.





Also, the Q&A thread brings some interesting info.

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adding link to Q&A

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