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  1. Just uploaded a bunch of new themes. Some will need new logos. Let me know which you like and which I should get rid of. After that, I'll do logos for the ones we keep - if they need them. Also uploaded a chatbox. It's at the bottom of the HOME page. Let me know what you think about it and we'll decide if we keep it or go back to the old one.
  2. Once you go to a forum, make sure you go back to HOME when you want to look for something else. I, for some reason, kept ending up with just the Tavern until I figured it out. Also, go to your Profile and click the My Activity button on the top right and everything you've posted should come up.
  3. O.K., with the new version, log-in and display names were merged. We had the choice of making them all the log-in names or the display name. Had we gone with display names, everyone would have had to log-in with that instead of their normal log-in and this may have caused a problem for some to actually log-in. For anyone whose display name has changed, you can change your log-in name to your display name in your settings. I, personally, think the option to retain seperate log-in and display names should have been built in to the new version. Sorry to anyone this effects - I blame social media, such as Facebook, for this.
  4. O.K., I'm figuring some things out. Still working on them, but 2 new skins. Go to bottom of page and find THEMES. Old School still needs our name, but let me know what you think and I'll get more options in the next few days!
  5. Once I get some more skins up, I'll beat that out of you! Wait . . . I mean this will still be an option, you know, for anyone who wants to keep using it!
  6. The version we were using was no longer being supported and the new version required us to move servers. I'm looking into how to do things with this new version and will let you know what I find. There are a LOT of different avenues, with this version, to go down. Any other suggestions or concerns you, or anyone, comes up with, PLEASE post them and I'll do what I can!
  7. O.K., we've updated to the newest version of IPS. Give me time to figure out a few things and I'll, either, get the Chat Box back up or someting else. Just need to see what's available. I'll also look into getting some skins to spiffy the place up. Any input you feel like giving is ALWAYS appreciated!
  8. Who is this Will person and why, exactly, does everyone want to shoot him all the time?
  9. Has everyone been hearing, on a continuous loop for the last few days, the opening to Freeze Frame by J. Geils, just the instrumental, right when he's about to start singing, it starts over . . . wait . . . now it's Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens, just the part that goes - I'm being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow. Last week it was random songs from the Heavy Metal sound track. Mainly Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar and Veteran of the Psychic Wars by Blue Oyster Cult with brief, rapid bits of DEVO. Good week. At least Cat Stevens is better than something REALLY horrible, like Madonnas' Like a Virgin. THAT on a continuous loop would su . . . wait . . . crap
  10. I wonder what a Neil Young cover of Sweet Home Alabama sounds like. Ever notice you can, pretty much, sing the lyrics from Hotel California to the tune of Escape - The Pina Colada Song?
  11. For those who have not heard, Sparhawk posted in the Courtyard that we have lost DL_Snake.
  12. Will you come with us and be set free? From bonds that bind and ties that be Will you turn your eyes and walk away From your past, your yesterday Will you search, for the unknown Strange new things, a brand new home Will you take that step, wherever it may lead And come with us To be set free Next line: Angry flowers lie in wait
  13. I see nothing wrong with sharing!
  14. O.K., this is another one of those I'm not sure I actually came up with or if I saw it, or something like it, and believe it's my own. Either way, I think it should have been written by SOMEONE by now! ****************************************************************************** God left the other day. Just packed his bags and went away. There was no screaming, Not one shout. He said his peace and then, "I'm out!" We asked, "Hey, God, why must you go!?" He sighed, hung his head and said, "If you must know . . . I thought, by now, I could move on. You'd take your place and carry on. Tell me, Doesn't anyone find it . . . odd, That not one of you has become a god? You're made in my image. You're just like me! Yet, you refuse to become What you ALL should be. I gave you free-will. And the knowledge of Dark and Light. Still, you whine and beg, 'Please tell us wrong from right!' You pray for guidance on what to do. Really? You want everything handed to you! Then, you sin and look for someone to blame. You do even worse and claim it in my name. I'm tired and weary, but I know it's my own fault. I thought My creation Would grow to an adult. But, it seems, that all I did Was create a child, An eternal kid. So, consider my leaving . . . Tough love. One last gift, from your 'Daddy', High above. So, get your act together and figure it out. I will ALWAYS love you. But, I'm done. That's it. I'm out!"
  15. Ralph Waldo Emerson Collections Volume VII: Society and Solitude (1870) Chapter XII: Old Age ... but these are rare exceptions. Nature, in the main, vindicates her law. Skill to do comes of doing; knowledge comes by eyes always open, and working hands; and there is no knowledge that is not power. ... (Knew it was Emerson, but took some looking up to figure out WHERE it came from - thanks!) I prefer G.I. Joe: Now you know and knowing is half the battle! GO JOE!