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    RAF Lakenheath
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    Rap, J-Music, anime, poetry, art, writing.

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    Tha Great BladeMan, Ashton, Flowmattic. Twin-Bladed Swordsman
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    I love music. Music is the voice of the soul, of all languages. I love rap and hip hop specifically because of the feeling that comes into the music. Freestyling is just a fun thing I do on the side.
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    I like it not candy coated. Let me know exactly what you think and why, no bullshit.
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    Murderin' MCs on da mic, son.
  1. Things I Have Learned

    *Never forget where you came from *It's never too late to start over *Always look out for number one
  2. Things I Have Learned

    I'll add to the whole trust thing... *No matter how badly you've been betrayed, nevr give in to depression, or hate that person. Give that person the chance to redeem themselves, and move on.
  3. Music

    I listen to a lot of different types of music, mostly rap, hip hop and reggaeton. But I also listen to others... Reggaeton- I love Latin music. Salsa, vallanatos, merengue, bachata, kumbia, you name it. But reggaeton caught my ear the most, because of that hip hop edge it has to it, and it helps that a lot of English rap collaborates with them, so that just makes it more enjoyable. Metal- is awesome. I don't care what anyone says. It is a genre of music just like any other, and in my opinion, the most difficult to play. It's just great music to go crazy to, or to even relax or get hyped up. It sounds it's best when played live. Rap/Hip-Hop- A movement for the last 27 years, it just adapts to whatever the times are, and has become a main pioneer in culture all over the world. I've been involved in hip hop my entire life. It speaks to me like no other music genre. Games/Anime-Nobuo Uematsu rules. Enough said.
  4. Da Job Interview!

    "Thank you. I'm very happy." Ashtons bows to Wyvern and walks out of the office. He scans over the other applicants as they eye him warily. "Didn't think it would happen, huh?! The BladeMan is back! It's official now, yo!" He runs out of the waiting area. *Thanks for accepting my application, and sorry for causing all of the trouble*
  5. The Paw that Holds the Quill is Black

    Awesome! Congratulations to all of you!
  6. AshtonBlades sits in his chair in front of Wyvern's office, with all the other applicants. Whenever he looks down, the other applicants look at him oddly. The group of pages, knights, elves, wizards, witches, and all other types of magical creatures have never seen this type of applicant before. Sittng in his chair, the 19 year old, is quite a sight. Sporting a tight-fitting black-on-black hoodie, wearing a backwards red fitted basebal cap with the initials "AB" sewn into it. Dark brown braided hais seeps from under the hat. Numerous tattoos are seen on both arms from the shoulder to his wrists, the most noticeable being a red dragon on his right arm with the name "Gyoro" beneath, and the same on the left arm, except the dragon was blue wih the name "Ururun" under it. his pants were excessively baggy, with a skull wallet chain hanging from the diamond skull on his belt buckle. A fresh pair of red/black Air Force 1s are his chosen footwear. From his earlobes, two twin gold earrings resembling short swords hang, swaying lightly as he moves his head. From his neck hangs a chain with a large diamond studded "AB" charm on it. In his hand is a wireless microphone and nothing else. A small stereo sits beside his chair. "Nexxxxxxt," a snakelike voice hisses. Ashton gets up, picking up his stereo as well. All eyes follow him to the office door, where "Wyvern, Elder of Initiates" is printed on the door window. Ashton knocks. "Enter," was the short reply. He pushes the door open, and sees a large dragon behind the desk. Papres are strewn all over the desk, not because of all the applicants, but mainly because the dragon was using his large wingspan to fan himself. "Mr. AshtonBlades, so nice to see you again!" Wyvern remarks. Ashton straightens up, for he is about to be blown over by the force of his wings. "Ey, Wymettic, what's good, yo?" Ashton replies. Wyvern goes into serious mode. "You were here four years ago, and started quite a ruckus. I assumed we had seen the last of you. But alas, here you are. Your new beef with Mardrax and Norman The Runt has stirred up the community quite a bit." As he says this, he grins, showing off his fangs. "Yeah, that's what is was, really," Ashton said. "But I've decided to make this my home, at least for a while." "Well, we'll see about that. Have you a resumé?" the Elder holds out a clawed hand. Ashton smiles. "I'm glad you asked that." he sits the stereo down and pushes "Play". A bass heavy track echoes in the large office as Ashton cuts the mic on. "Ey yo, My name's Ashton and I've come to see the vets, To get initiated on TheMightyPen.net, I've battled tooth and nail to get the top spot, Those other MCs were slower than the tick of my watch, I left the board, but then got a little sentimental, Came back, and saw all of the new potential, I thought, "Maybe I can have some real fun with this," I must admit, the battles from this place I've missed, You yourself even got got caught up in the game! Tackled rappers left and right, leavin' them all shamed, At this moment, I just wanaa see a worthy opponent, There isn't a new Freestyle King yet, that title, I own it, I know I ask ask a lot, even though I departed, Please make me a member, so I can get this game started!" Turning off the mic and stereo, AshtonBlades stands in front of Wyvern's desk with his hands in his pockets.
  7. The Manor's purposes

    I'm stationed in Britain right now, and I must say that both dialects of English are similar, but very different at the same. I agree with Mardrax, although the floor systen can be confusing at times...
  8. OOC for WW XXXV - back to the village

    Do the Elders have to approve you to play?
  9. alcohol

    See, this is why I don't drink, so I don't end up like that. I like the poem, it reminds you how dangerous drinking can be.
  10. Insomnia+No Cigarettes+Short Stories=This

    I like this story a lot so far. I hope you continue it.
  11. The Almost Report vs. Mr. Pwnage

    Crystal ball gets clear HDTV quality, a image of AshtonBlades and Peredhil on it. "Yo, Peredhil! What's up, man?" Ashton and Peredhil fist pound. "It's great to hear from you again. Thanks for clearing up that for everyone. I've known you for a while, and I trust your judgement. It's just a contest, not to be taken personally. I just wish more people would get involved, as good as Mardrax is. We can all have fun with this." Pauses, and listens to Mardrax's monolouge. He nods his head in understanding. "Duly noted, yo. I have the same stuff goin' on, but in battling you use any advantage you can take. I just hope you can continue posting. I haven't had a battle this exciting since Salinye!" Salutes Mardrax. Suddenly, Norman the Runt flickers on and says, "I just here to play your game, I just find your use of profanity a shame." He flickers away, and Ashton returns. "Fine, no more cursing, I said it and you've all witnessed it, not that my halt of profanity will make any difference." Ashton sniggers and continues. "Compromised reached, yo. Now let's continue to kick the crap out of each other in these battles! Until the next Almost Report, peace out, son!" Throws up AB sign. His iced out "AB" initialed chain gleams brightly. Static.
  12. The Almost Report vs. Mr. Pwnage

    Ashton looks into the ball. "Clever Wyvern, but you don't have to show them your room. Good attempt to sabotage me, though." He claps his hands mockingly. "As for you gestures and attempted gang signs, your ignorance of hip hop is evident. I never claimed a set or anything of the sort. The "AB" hand sign is a play of the initials of my name, not the hand sign of a bandana-clad group of delinquents. I will admit this is where the root of the idea came from, but is not the same thing." Ashton adjusts his backwars cap, and continues. "I am not a spammer, contrary to Mardrax's beliefs. Last time I was here, I loved the battles. I had a lot of fun, thinking of new shit to defeat others. then i sorta fell away. I was looking through my emails and saw an old PM from here, and came back to the website. I looked up the first FREESTYLE TIME! and it brought back memories. So I thought, "It'll be fun finding new people to battle. So I started the topic again. I just found it suspicious that it took someone three days to reply to a post, is all. He got all uppity and shit, not me. I thought, 'this'll be fun.' So we battled, and them you jumped in. So I attacked you as well." Ashton takes a swig of Tropicana Orange Juice to clear his throat. "Mardrax is a good writer, I don't doubt that. I thought that you off all people would know the entire point of a battle is to clown the other MC. That's exactly what I'm doing. If he takes it personally, that's on him, not me. As for judges on the battles, you're the only one I've seen say a word." Ashton shrugs. "Disregarding your jibes on ghostwriting, I just don't believe in it. Mainstream artists do that. The very idea of having someone write my shit makes me taste vomit. It's an insult to real battle MCs like myself and others. Mardrax analyzed me for seven days, then decided to retaliate. That's shady as hell, whether you admit it or not. "I am a battle MC, on and off this board. The world of battling consists of thousands of MCs trying to reach that top spot. I know I'm the best, and do not believe otherwise. If I do, then I may as well throw in the towel now. As soon as I start doubting myself, I'll lose. Plain and simple. Rappers who have seconds thoughts about their skills never get anywhere, just like any other type of talent. "I'm a rapper, not a Devil's Advocate. I apoligize for nothing I've posted. It's a rap battle, not a "Let's Be Friends" festival. If the stove is too hot, stay out the kitchen. That's all there is to it. I'm havin' fun with this, I thought everyone else was too." Crystal ball fades to static, then clicks back on. "Oh yeah, one mo' thang, yo. Keep your store open if you want. Every MC needs haters to stay on top." Static.
  13. What up Nightfae?!

    NightFae, NightFae, it's ya birthday, Sixteen is a great age, f**k what they say, About being corrupted by everything, live your life To the fullest, be happy never mind all this trife You haven't been on the Pen sice May 6th, I can only pray and hope to God that you see this, Have fun with the 'fam, have fun with your friends, Stay cool and next year I might do this again, Sleep good and nice tonight in the bed that you lay, Because TheMightyPen.net whishes you a very happy birthday! Peace, yo! *Gives her a cake*
  14. The Almost Report vs. Mr. Pwnage

    Sice when did libel become a part of battle rapping? Maybe someone with your comprehension of battling needs a ghostwriter, but not me. Say what you will, dude, I'm just that good. I see a battle post, and I retaliate on the spot. That's it. I'm a little dissapointed, Wyvern. I thought we were both having fun with this, but apparently it's that time of the month for you. Oh yeah, I'm still the Freestyle King, son. Nobody has beaten me yet. If you want me to lose so bad, stop complaining and battle me one on one yourself, instead of sending Mardrax after me.
  15. Cool! I look foward to reading your works.